Symptoms of Tick Bites

Ticks are small, blood-sucking bugs. They belong to a special group of mites and they list of tick species is impressively long. Ticks have been around at least 90 million years. Hard ticks and soft ticks are usually known to transmit diseases to humans. You should learn how to recognize them if you love spending time outdoors.  All ticks are external parasites that require blood to develop and to reproduce their eggs. Some ticks can carry harmful diseases and germs so it’s important to recognize the common symptoms of tick bites.

How to Pest-Proof Your Home

Pests aren’t just annoying. Some carry dangerous diseases and you don’t want them in your home. Instead of waiting to go on the defense against pests, you should pest-proof your home before the cold winter months. Pests are active during warm months because the weather is perfect for them to be outside. But, during the winter they need to find a shelter inside in order to survive the winter. If you want to prevent pests from moving into your home, try the following pest-proof measures.

Most Common Hiding Places for Mice

Just when you think that a cold weather has driven all the pests away, you notice mouse traces in your home. Just about half of all rodent problems happen during this time of year because these pests are looking for a warm shelter to spend their winter. Mice are hard to get rid of once they settle inside your home. These rodents also transmit dangerous diseases so you really don’t want them in your home. If you hear awkward sounds coming from your walls during the night, you may have these unwelcomed guests. To prevent infestation, you need to find READ MORE »

Do Bugs Cause Allergies?

There are a lot of insects and bugs that bite humans. Some stinging insects can cause allergic reactions in the right people. Mosquitoes, for example, are the deadliest animals on our planet in that they carry and transfer diseases from victim to victim. Besides these pests, there are some bugs that usually live in houses and buildings that can also cause allergies.

Why Bed Bugs are So Hard to Kill

Bed bugs infest homes, hotels, and commercial buildings worldwide. These pests don’t care if your house is clean or dirty. They feed on human and animal blood, and as long as they have food sources they’re going to live happily under your roof. To infest your home, they’ve got to hitch a ride inside on a carrier, so you can’t exactly prevent them like other pests. They may even infest some public places like theaters or cinema which means you can easily take them home with you after a nice night out. Bed bugs are hard to kill, and here’s READ MORE »

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