All About Silverfish

Silverfish are among the most ancient insects on the planet. They’ve been crawling around for more than 400 million years. Although they don’t pose a serious danger to humans, silverfish infestations usually go undetected since these insects are secretive in their movements. This is why proper silverfish control is important. Silverfish Appearance A is a small wingless insect. Its name comes from its silvery gray and blue color and movements similar to those of a fish. Their bodies are thicker in the front and are teardrop-shaped, usually up to 12-19 mm in length. They have two long antennas on their head, six legs, READ MORE »

Tips for Outdoor Pest Control

The weather is finally inviting and people are spending more time outdoors in their yards. The warm weather always brings certain species of pests that hide and breed in your lawns and backyards. Not only do can these pests be bothersome while you’re spending time outside, they can also easily spread from your yard into your house. Because of this reason, regular and proper outdoor pest control is important. Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the most common pests during summer times and by far the most annoying ones. There are some things you can do before and during your summertime barbecue to keep your READ MORE »

The Signs and Effects of a Clover Mite Infestation

Clover mites are tiny but destructive insects. To reduce the chances of a clover mite infestation, you need to practice proper clover mite control in the spring and fall. If you have any doubts there is an infestation going on in your household, check out common signs and effects of a clover mite infestation. Just remember, if there is an infestation, clover mite control is best left to your pest management professional. Common Signs of a Clover Mite Infestation Usually, clover mites are hard to see without magnification, so before you do clover mite control, make sure to have some tools READ MORE »

9 Places Mosquitoes Love to Live & Breed

Usually, mosquitoes live and breed around bodies of stagnant water, but people are not always aware of how easily this can happen in their own backyard. These iconic summer pests are not just annoying, they can also cause serious problems since they can transmit dangerous diseases and viruses. One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes at bay is to stop them from breeding around your house. Here are some common places for mosquito breeding and tips on how to do proper mosquito control! 1. Any standing water source in your yard is an invitation for a mosquito female to lay its eggs. READ MORE »

The Bee Identification Guide

There are 20,000 different species of bees in the world, but they all have some similar characteristics. They live in colonies that contain the queen bee, the drone, and the worker bee. A worker bee and a queen bee are female, but only the queen bee can reproduce while worker bees collect nectar and clean the hive. The drone’s job is to mate with the queen. All in all, each bee has differences in its behavior and appearance that are both extreme and slight. Here are the three main species of bees we deal with in our area and tips READ MORE »

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