Avoid Spring Pests!

Surviving the long, harsh winter this year has certainly taken its toll on Chicagoland residents. The thought of spring activities and preparing for warmer weather has been far from our minds – and with temperatures still under 50 degrees, might still seem far into the future. But alas, spring is coming (we promise!). Be aware of the reappearance of these pests! Ants: Black carpenter ants are the most common type of ants we will see here in the Midwest. They are black, wingless and small. If there is one pest that is notorious for invading when food is left out READ MORE »

Did You Know? Amazing Pest Facts

Think pests are boring? Nope! This week we decided to take a detour from our usual pest control prevention tips to try something a little different. Not only does Aerex Pest Control know how to prevent pests, we also know some fun facts you have probably never thought of! From your favorite Chicago Pest Control Service, here is a roundup of some interesting facts about common pests. Enjoy! American Cockroach Relative to body size, cockroaches can run four times faster than the cheetah. Almost three miles in one hour! This six-legged critter can live without food for an entire month! READ MORE »

Ants are in Full Spring

Think it’s too cold for ants? Think again. While temperatures remain below average for a typical Chicago spring, our customers don’t lie. Ants are indeed appearing in homes and offices throughout Chicagoland, and Aerex’s phone records will prove it. Aerex Pest Control wants to help you keep ants at bay. As a chilly spring season approaches, it’s time to revisit the best ant prevention techniques. Identification: As always, proper identification is the first step in pest prevention. The black carpenter ant is what we will most likely be finding in the Midwest. Known as “worker ants” these little guys are READ MORE »

Don't Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Spring Break Vacation

Traveling for spring break? Keep in mind the little guys that you don’t want tagging along…or following you back home. Bed Bugs are known for being successful hitchhikers, and can be easily transferred on trains, planes and buses. They can also be found on furniture in hotels and resorts across the country – regardless of a 5-star rating. To ensure that your spring vacation remains bed bug free, follow these guidelines for pest free traveling. 1. Know What You’re Dealing With You know what they say…knowledge is power. The best weapon against bed bugs is knowing their habits and how READ MORE »

Your Pest Questions…Answered!

Pest life is all about survival. They search for food, water and shelter from the elements. For this simple reason, many homeowners are in need of pest control services. But just how to do they get inside? Where will they go once they get there? What can we do to prevent them from invading our homes in the first place? As a leader in Chicago Pest Control Services, we’re here to answer just that! Why is my home attractive to pests? Your home is warm. Your home has food. Your home has shelter. Just like humans, pests seek the elements READ MORE »

Black Widow Spiders

It’s February. That means spiders are still a problem for many Chicagoland homes and offices. One question we receive a lot here at Aerex Pest Control is “how do I know if a spider is poisonous?” The good news is that most spiders we see in the Midwest and particularly around Chicago are [for the most part] harmless. With that said, we still like to keep our Chicago Pest Control customers educated on how to identify a spider that could be harmful to you, your family and your pets. In Illinois, the black widow spider is commonly referred to as READ MORE »

Winter Cold and Pests

Brrrrrrr. Feel that? It’s the wrath of Mother Nature in Chicago. It’s no secret that the Midwest has endured some terribly cold days this winter along with a considerable amount of snow. So why are we still finding Boxelder Bugs on our walls and spiders in the bathroom? As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the cold weather doesn’t necessarily equate to less pests. Insects are wired to escape the cold by migrating, finding shelter in homes and offices or burrowing themselves deep into the soil. Once an insect finds shelter indoors, they will live on as long as food and READ MORE »

What Kind of Spider is That?

Spiders, they just won’t go away. They are that one pest that seems to plague our homes no matter what time of year it is. Unfortunately, this prevalent creature is also one of the most frightening! Before you scream at the mere sight of our eight legged friends, take a deep breath. Most spiders around Chicagoland are harmless. That being said… whether it’s thick and black, brown and hairy or has unusual markings, properly identifying spiders is the first step in getting rid of them. At Aerex Pest Control, we’re familiar with the habits and characteristics of these creepy crawlers. READ MORE »

A Reminder About Mice and Rats

Happy New Year! As we begin 2014, January is a month that commercial and residential properties need to be aware of rodents. Mice and rats thrive off the shelter of our homes and offices during the winter months, with January being at the peak of rodent season. Here are a few things to remember about mice: They reproduce quickly One mouse/rat can easily turn into 12 – or more! What’s worse? Mice that invade homes will continue to be a problem as long as food and shelter will allow. It’s okay to use common home elimination practices, but contacting Aerex READ MORE »

Could Your Car be a Rodent's Next Meal?

If you’ve never thought of your vehicle as a food source, chances are you’re among the majority of car-owners. But over the past decade, car manufacturers started replacing petroleum with soy to make a variety of auto parts, allowing mice and rats to enjoy a new type of food. Tires, wiring harness covers, seat cushion foam, interior carpeting, trim, wire insulation and equipment panels can all be tasty treats for hungry rodents. Mice, rats and maybe even squirrels could see your vehicle as an irresistible feast – which could result in costly and dangerous damages. While our specialties are commercial READ MORE »

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