Bed Bugs in Chicago

Cimex lectularius Linnaeus. Four cities have more than Chicago does. That’s right; Chicago is fifth, right up there with New York, Philly, Detroit and Cincinnati. They may be considered more nuisance than hazardous to your health, but when the bed bugs in Chicago keep rising in numbers and are blamed in spreading other diseases of humans, its time to do something about them! Bed bugs are tiny, brownish, wingless insects that feed solely on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Cimex lectularius, or common bed bug, is quite well adapted to live with humans, since other related species prefer to feed READ MORE »

Bed bug invasion!

As seen on an MSNBC article,  residential dwellings are not the only ones having bed bug issues.  Businesses are just as vulnerable!

About Aerex!

Finding a reputable pest control company can be a very trying experience.  When doing initial research, it is a good idea to choose companies who have been in business for a long time, and who have a good local reputation.  Make sure to ask a lot of questions regarding credentials and experience.   Aerex has been family-owned and operated for over sixty years and is a charter member of the Illinois Pest Control Association.  As such, they take great pride in providing the best services, at the best prices. They are very aware of how their business affects the environment, READ MORE »

Fall Pest-Proofing your home

Even though the weather this week has been unseasonably warm, it’s still November which means Fall has arrived, and winter will be here before we know it.  We get many customers who call with questions regarding  fall pest-proofing their home.  The National Pest Management Association has put together a good list of things you can do to decrease the chance unwanted pests will enter your home. The NPMA recommends these fall pest-proofing tips: Install door sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens. Screen vents and openings to chimneys. Seal cracks and crevices on the outside of the home, including READ MORE »

Channel 7 News Bed Bug Article

There was a news segment/ news article this morning on ABC7 news about avoiding bed bug scams.  Before you hire a pest control company whether it be to exterminate bed bugs or any other pest, check the BBB for their current rating.  Aerex Pest Control maintains an A+ rating with the BBB!  Check out the article from ABC7:


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For those who are not our Facebook friends I’ll post a blog here with the article.  This was recently posted in the Chicago Tribune about an Orkin technician who placed pesticide in a sippy cup in a home with children.  Children aside, pesticide should NEVER be placed in a container other than the manufacturer’s packaging.   Something to think about when you hire a pest control company!,0,5914298,full.column Not only did the technician mess up, the company messed up as well.  Orkin really dropped the ball in dealing with this customer’s complaint!

Summer is coming to a close

September is almost upon us!  With September comes Labor Day, and as we all know, Labor Day marks the end of the summer! It’s hard to imagine that the summer of 2010 is almost over.  It’s been a good summer for Aerex!  Weather wise, it was unbelievably hot and muggy!  We also had a lot of rain, as we all remember!  Warm weather and rain meant an active summer for the bugs and bees!  The season isn’t quite over though!  Yellow jackets are still very active, as our customers are telling us! We’ve also had a lot of calls for READ MORE »

The Summer is passing us by!

August has arrived!  It’s hard to believe the summer is so far along already!  It’s been a good summer for all of us at Aerex.  The extreme heat and tons of rain has made it a very buggy season, as we’re sure you have all noticed!  August brings a few changes for services we provide.  Power spray season is now over.  While wasps are still active usually through the very end of the season,  this late in the season the power spray is no longer quite as effective as treating individual nests that form.   The other change is the outside READ MORE »

Summer at Aerex

Happy unofficial summer!  Memorial Day has come and gone, hard to believe it’s June already!  Half of 2010 has passed us by. It’s been a great year for Aerex, and hopefully for all of you as well. Our phones have been busy here in the office, and our appointments are filling up very rapidly.  We get some customers upset over the fact that we can not get to their home the day they call us with a problem, but we want everyone to know that we do the best we can.  In the height of the season our technicians are READ MORE »

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