Ants On the Move in Late Summer...

Believe it or not ants are seasonally starting their preparation for the fall and winter months right now. Their instincts to collect and hoard food for the fall and winter months may be problematic for homeowners. You may have noticed an increase of ants making their way into your home to retrieve any crumbs and food sources they can find. 

Stink Bugs...Smelly and a Nuisance

Stink bugs happen to be some of the more common insects in the midwest. They are particularly prominent in the in Chicago and it’s suburbs. They typically remain outdoors and rarely become a problem indoors. They are occasionally opportunists and if you happen to find yourself with an infestation, here are some ways to identify them and prevent the odors from permeating into your natural habitat.

Cockroach-Proof Your Home

The first thing we need to get out there is that this title is a bit misleading — there really is no way to completely guarantee that cockroaches won’t find your home. They’re known as survivors for a reason; if they need food and shelter and can’t find a more convenient source, they can almost always find a way in, and they breed fast. However, you can definitely make your home a less likely target with the right knowledge and a little preparation.

6 Steps to Check for Bedbugs in a Hotel Room

  Traveling should be fun and exciting, but when you’re worried about bringing bedbugs back to your home, a layer of anxiety is always present. Unfortunately, even the best, most expensive hotels aren’t immune to the pests, so it’s important to do a thorough check of your room before settling in so you can avoid bringing bedbugs back home with you. Follow these 6 steps to ensure a safe, pest-free trip.

Summer Months...Where are these Earwigs coming fro ...

Earwigs have a particularly aggressive appearance. Their pincers make for a fairly menacing first impression. Even though they don’t directly pose a threat to humans, you definitely don’t want them roaming free or having an out of control population around your home.  And here are some important things you should know about earwigs and earwig control!

Handling Tenant Pest Complaints

It’s a call a landlord never wants to take — one of your tenants has a pest problem. Whether it’s bugs or rodents, it’s a call you have to take seriously and act on immediately, due to both considerations of the law and the comfort and happiness of your tenants. Below are some tips on how to work with commercial pest control services to best handle a pest complaint from an apartment tenant.

Recognizing and Preventing the West Nile Virus

The West Nile Virus isn’t something to mess around with — it is a serious illness with multiple potential complications and no vaccine to help prevent it. That makes it essential to know how to recognize the symptoms of this disease, and even more important to know how to prevent it to begin with to protect yourself and your family from the illness’s effects.

Summer Bug Repellant- Natural vs. Deet

While working with a professional pest control company is usually your best bet for protecting yourself from the variety of pests around your home or business, it is also important to keep personal protection in mind. Insect repellant can help keep pests at bay and protect you from their bites. Learn more about the types of insect repellant available below so you can decide which type is best for you and your family.

Are Mosquitos Pestering Your Pets?

It’s easy to forget that your human family members aren’t the only ones to suffer when mosquitos are around. After all, your family pet can hardly tell you why they’re suddenly itching. However, just like humans, cats and dogs can be bitten by mosquitos, resulting in itchy, raised bumps. Take a look below to learn how these nuisances can be more than just an annoyance for our beloved pets.

Post-Bed Bug Infestation Cleaning Regimen

No one wants to deal with bed bugs, but even more than that, no one wants to deal with bed bugs twice. If you’ve recently had to deal with these pests, how you clean your home after the bed bug treatment can impact how effective the treatment is in the long term. Below, we’ll cover the basic cleaning steps to follow after a bed bug infestation, but be sure to speak with the pest control expert that treats your home or business for any specific instructions.

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