Lice. Where do they come from?...Protect your Kids

If you’re a parent with small children, chances are you have a lot on your mind trying to keep them safe and healthy. Having to deal with lice would be the last thing needed in a busy home. Fortunately for you and every other parent, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent your kids from getting them. In this post, we’re going to explain where lice come from and how the spread can be avoided!

How to Inspect Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

A lot of people stay in hotel rooms, and sometimes it happens that the rooms have bed bugs. This is a problem since bed bugs aren’t just a momentary problem, but can also be transferred to your home this way. So when staying in a hotel room, it is wise to inspect the room for bed bugs as soon as you get into the room. This is crucial because if you unpack and settle, it might be too late to save your belongings. Here is a detailed guide to checking your room, so you can make sure you don’t bring READ MORE »

Can your Christmas Tree bring pests inside?

Looking forward to the moment when you’ll finally be installing that gorgeous live Christmas tree in your living room? Before you start making plans for decorating it, you might want to consider the dangers it can pose to your otherwise safe home environment. Since it’s a live tree we’re talking about, there is a possibility it arrives with a host of unwanted pests. While many will stay on the trunk or hide between the needles, some will desert it in search of light or food. Here is a list of some of the most common insects you should be careful READ MORE »

Buying a Used Car in the Winter? Check for mice fi ...

If you’ve bought or are planning to buy a used car during the cold winter months, you should be aware of the potential danger of mice infestation. Rodent will gladly work their way to the warmest spot available, which could easily be the engine compartment of your new vehicle. This is especially true in cases of used car purchase when the vehicle in question has been left outdoors for a prolonged period of time. So instead of parking the car and leaving it be, follow these simple tips for mouse inspection and prevent any possible infestation.

Pests that you don't want Home for the Holidays

With the arrival of Christmas holidays, some pests will be fanatically searching for ways to sneak inside your home. We’re sure that the last thing you want around Christmas time is to deal with pest infestations. Winter pests are trying to make their way into your home and to prevent them you need to know which pests are the most active.

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