Bed Bug Facts

With all of the news surfacing about bed bugs over the past few years, it might seem like you know all there is to know about this hard-to-treat pest. They feed on humans while they sleep, leave itchy, red bites, and are surprisingly easy to bring home! But these infamous insects have a lot of hidden facts that might surprise you.

  • You cannot just “get” bed bugs. They have to be brought into your home.
  • Bed bugs can live for several months without a blood meal.
  • Components of bed bug saliva contain anesthetics, making bites quick and painless.
  • Bed bugs can live anywhere; hotels, single family homes, apartments, dorm rooms, office buildings, schools, busses, trains… you name it!
  • Bed bugs are found in all 50 states.
  • Bed bugs are smart. They know to stay hidden during the day, using mattress crevices, boxsprings, picture frames and even underneath wallpaper as hiding places.
  • Blood is a bed bug’s only source of food.
  • The most common way of getting bed bugs is through travel.
  • Whether vacationing for a week or sending the kids to a sleepover, any mode of travel can result in bed bugs.
  • Chicago is the nation’s #1 bed bug city.

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