10 Ways Pests can Enter Your Home

how to get rid of bugs in an apartment buildingAs we head into fall, more and more pests are going to try and enter your home for the warmth it provides. A typical home has many entry points that can lead to an infestation worthy of calling pest control. For that reason, it is important that you keep an eye on the most common entry points for pests in your house and ensure they are sealed. Here are 10 of the most common points of entry for pests in the fall:


One of the more used entry points, unsealed windows are an entry point that pests love. If there is a gap between your window and the window frame, smaller pests can enter the home. Unfortunately, this can be hard to spot given the number of windows in your home, but it is worth checking each window.

Door Frames

It is important to inspect the underside of any doors you have in your house that lead outside. Sometimes the bottom or sides are not flush to the door frame and pests can slide through unnoticed. Additionally, if you’re sitting out in your backyard, try not to leave the door open for extended periods of time as this may attract unwanted visitors.

Garage Doors

An often forgotten entry point is the garage. There are gaps between the garage doors and the rollers they sit on where pests can enter. Besides this, people leave their garage open for extended periods of time and open up the space to potential pests.

Crawl Space

Do a perimeter check around your house to ensure that the entryways to the crawlspace under your house are covered by a screen or door. Cracked screens can allow larger pests, such as rodents, under your home where they can potentially find a way inside. 


Smaller pests such as ants or termites love the siding between your house and any cracks that are noticed should be patched up as soon as possible. 

Foundation Cracks

Similarly to the siding in your house, cracks in the foundation are another popular source for smaller pests that can become a nuisance over time. Spotting these cracks is difficult, but they should be patched up if found.

The Homeowner

You may not believe it, but you yourself are one of the easiest points of entry for your house. Whether you just went on a hike, came back from a trip, or were doing some gardening, there are a myriad of ways pests could hitch a ride on your clothes.


Dirty and wet gutters are a haven for smaller pests and should be cleaned at the proper time. Built up water can also provide nutrients for certain animals.

The Chimney

You should check each season that your chimney caps are still in place and that there are no gaps leading to the outside.


Moisture exists within the walls of your home and the pipes which may draw pests towards them. Ensure you have no leaks as you head into the next season.

These are just some of the most common areas pests can enter a house from. Stay vigilant and try to identify the source of any pests that may appear in your home.

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