3 Most Harmful Pests For Children

residential pest controlThere are over 900,000 different insects in the world, and they make up 80% of all the world’s species. Some of them live in your household and they may expose your children to harmful diseases. As a parent, knowing which pests are dangerous can help you choose the most effective strategy to minimize your family’s exposure to those pests who live in your home or garden. Pest control helps you with a regulation and management of the species which can be dangerous for your children’s health, so here is a list of the most harmful pests that may be living in your household.

1. Fleas

Usually, fleas get into a house on pets that spend time outdoors. These little animals are dangerous since they can spread all over your house. If you have noticed that your pet has fleas, you may prevent them from spreading by using flea combs and bathing pets regularly. But the situation is quite dangerous if you do not notice the fleas on your pet in time. In this case, they have probably invaded your entire home, so the best solution is to call a pest control professional. Some species of fleas can even bite humans, so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as you can. Flea bites can be mistaken for chicken pox, since the first symptom is scratching. If this happens, make sure to discourage your child from scratching since that can bring bacteria to the site and lead to infection.

2. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs usually get into homes on clothing, furniture, luggage or any other thing that has been in an infested area. Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult and takes a combination of practices which include vacuuming every surface in your home, as well as sealing all the cracks and crevices. There aren’t any known cases of bed bugs spreading diseases, but they are known for their ruthless biting. This can be harmful when it happens to your child since it is hard to prevent children from scratching. Also, they can create areas of great skin irritation. Instead of discarding your furniture or going through the entire long and complicated process of getting rid of the bugs yourself, it’s best to call a pest control professional. This way you are going to be sure that you got rid of the bed bugs completely. Getting rid of them is a difficult process, since these pests can survive 12 to 15 months without food.

3. Carpenter Ants

North American carpenter ants are the largest ants on the continent. They tunnel their way through wood to build colonies. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not feast on wood. Their huge jaws are adept for eating other insects and drinking plant juices. They can also build colonies inside your home. Though they are not poisonous, they can harm your children because of their large mouthparts that make their bite painful. Carpenter ants are also able to spray formic acid from the tip of the abdomen and it can irritate the skin and eyes. Pest control is usually necessary to eliminate large infestations in your household.

Beside mice, rats, and roaches these species are most commonly found in any household. Since they can be dangerous for your children’s health, the only way to eliminate them permanently is by calling a pest control professional.

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