3 Signs You Have a Stink Bug Problem

stink bug controlIn Chicago when the weather starts to get colder, the stink bugs start to emerge inside people’s house. Stink bugs prefer to find some place indoors when it gets cold outside, though they can show up any time of year. In order to know if your house has been infested with stink bugs, there are three major signs you should be aware of. If you see even one of these signs, calling a pest control company is the best thing to do.

Live Stink Bugs

Have you seen any live stink bugs wandering around your house, or buzzing loudly around your lights? Due to their flat bodies, stink bugs are able to come into homes through cracks in the doors or screens that are torn. Stink bugs tend to travel in groups and can often be found huddled together where there is light. They prefer to be on sunny exterior walls.

At night, they are also attracted by the porch lights or the lights on outside of the house. Once they have located these lights, the stink bugs will find a way to sneak into the house itself. If you do see live stink bugs, it is best to call pest control. Although they are not a threat to humans, you still want to ensure that they are properly removed by professionals before you start experiencing…   

Foul Odors

When stink bugs feel threatened or if they are about to be handled, they let out a foul-smelling odor. This is where the stink bug name comes from. The foul smell is used as a defense mechanism to protect them from potential predators. If you smell a terrible odor that you just can’t identify and you’ve seen a few stink bugs, it is a good idea to call pest control to properly take care of the stink bug issue.

Dead Stink Bugs

Seeing multiple dead stink bugs around an entry point is another sign of stink bug infestation. You will see them around common and frequently used entry points. These points of entry include doors, window frames, and utility pipes. In order to identify the dead bugs by the doors, it would be beneficial to know what stink bugs look like. They are about two centimeters in length and width. Adult stink bugs are mainly brown, but depending on the species they can also either be grey or green. They have a shield-like shell. Stink bugs also have long straight antennas that have alternating brown and white stripes.

If you own a garden and live in an area such as Chicago that can have really cold winters, then you would do well to look out for stink bugs. They will want to get out of the cold of the garden and make their home for the winter inside of your house. Once you see them or smell them, getting the pest control company to your house as soon as possible can help eliminate the issue before it becomes a major problem.

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