Carpenter Ants vs. Big Black Ants: Which Do You Ha ...

When you see ants in your home, you might not be too worried about identifying the species.  You just want them out.  However, ignoring this information could put your property at risk.  Depending on the type, the ants you see may be harmless or they could be ruining the foundations of your home.  Carpenter ants famously pose a threat to wooden structures, but share many similarities with the common, harmful black ants.  Differentiating the two could save your property from extensive damage.

The Importance of the Honeybee

The endangerment of honeybee populations has been well-publicized in the news, and most people are aware of the threat that their extinction would pose to human lives. Environmental conservationists have known for some time the vital role of honeybees play in successful agricultural production. However, if most people were asked what exactly honeybees do for humans that is so important, they might have trouble answering the question in detail. To help you answer these questions in the future, listed here are some honeybee facts that can help you be(e) more active in the effort to support these vital creatures.

Controlling Pests on Properties You Manage

Preventative pest control is one of the most important tasks of a property management company, as a pest problem in one location – be it an apartment, hotel, condominium, office space, or any combination thereof – can lead to widespread disease and infestation throughout the property. Once a pest, from bug to mouse, enters a building, there’s nothing to stop them from multiplying, thriving, and taking over room by room. 

Ban Mosquitos from Your Yard This Summer

Summer is the favorite time of year for many. Warm weather, direct sunlight, animals and children in the backyard – it’s a time to be alive and enjoy a good barbecue. 

Keeping Your Four-Legged Friends Tick-Free

The process of removing ticks from your pets’ bellies, rears, and between their toes is disgusting and nerve-wracking. These hideous arachnids are both icky and potentially dangerous for your pets – and you, if they transfer from your pet’s body to yours. They often carry and can transfer potentially life-threatening diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, among others.  However, there are several relatively easy methods of tick prevention that are safe and effective when used correctly. 

April Showers Brings May Pests: Watching for Sprin ...

With spring comes warmer weather, and with warmer weather comes flowers, longer days, more time spent outdoors — and an incursion of all sorts of pests that you usually don’t have to worry about during the winter. While you’re out enjoying the spring weather, pests may be making their way onto your property and into your home. Below are a few of the pests to watch out for. 

Dealing With an Ant Invasion

Ants are one of the most common pests in North America, so try not to feel too disheartened if you end up with a row of tiny pests making their way into your home. It doesn’t mean your home is dirty, it just means they managed to find a food source, no matter how small, somewhere inside. Thankfully there are some steps you can take to take care of your ant problem!

Is Your Infestation Waterbugs or Cockroaches?

Because they look so similar, waterbugs and cockroaches are often misidentified. The most common waterbug to infest homes in the giant waterbug, which can also be called an alligator tick, electric-light bug, or toe biter. The two species of cockroaches which are commonly mistaken for waterbugs are the American roach, as it is reddish-brown, and the black oriental roach, due to its shiny shell. 

Preventing Spring Ant Infestations in Your Home

If you think ants are only around in the summer months to plague your perfectly planned picnic, think again! Ants are more than happy to infest your home in the springtime, well before the heat of summer begins. This means that you need to start being vigilant about ant prevention earlier in the year than you might expect. Because of this we’ve put together a useful guide to help you to make sure that spring doesn’t become the season that ants start to settle in your home.

Flea Infestations 101

When we think of pests, undoubtedly one of the first things we think of is fleas. Any pet owner knows how essential it is to keep on top of defleaing their cat or dog. This is because fleas and other crawling insects are well known to spread like wildfire and infest a home quickly. They’re also well-known to be a pain to get rid of because of their ability to multiply quickly and travel between surfaces, meaning that by the time you’ve sterilized one area, the fleas have already moved on to the next. 

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