7 Ways to Prevent an Outdoor Mouse Problem

We all hope that our homes are mouse-free. What’s often overlooked by homeowners though, is that having mice outdoors can be similarly dangerous and destructive. Having a mouse problem in your yard is a nuisance, of course, but it can lead to several problems. Not to mention, once winter comes around, mice will be looking for a warm place to call home and may invade your home. We encourage everyone to get an outdoor mouse inspection by a trained exterminator. 

Do You Have a Rodent Infestation?

As a property owner, rodents can be the cause of serious damage. These devious little pests can cost you thousands of dollars in damages, spread diseases, and are generally just a nuisance. They can take over in no time, so it’s important to keep an eye open for any signs of rodent infestation.

FA(P)Q: Frequently Asked Pest Questions

There is arguably no worse nuisance than pests. Regardless of whether they are rodents, spiders, insects, reptiles, or something else, a pest infestation is an annoyance that everyone hates dealing with. It can be frustrating to think your house is clean and then have various pests constantly appearing.

10 Ways Pests can Enter Your Home

As we head into fall, more and more pests are going to try and enter your home for the warmth it provides. A typical home has many entry points that can lead to an infestation worthy of calling pest control. For that reason, it is important that you keep an eye on the most common entry points for pests in your house and ensure they are sealed. Here are 10 of the most common points of entry for pests in the fall:

The Summer Earwig Problem

The coming of summer invites the return of warm weather, cookouts, and waterfront fun. The new season can also remind you of bugs that had been in hiding since winter. If you have found yourself wary of searching the garage for BBQ tongs in fear of earwigs, then you might be interested in some tips on how to avoid them. Earwigs enter your home because it has things that are valuable to them – shelter, food and climate. Knowing what makes them tick, and taking prompt action, can help you avoid letting these pests control your summer.

Carpenter Ants vs. Big Black Ants: Which Do You Ha ...

When you see ants in your home, you might not be too worried about identifying the species.  You just want them out.  However, ignoring this information could put your property at risk.  Depending on the type, the ants you see may be harmless or they could be ruining the foundations of your home.  Carpenter ants famously pose a threat to wooden structures, but share many similarities with the common, harmful black ants.  Differentiating the two could save your property from extensive damage.

The Importance of the Honeybee

The endangerment of honeybee populations has been well-publicized in the news, and most people are aware of the threat that their extinction would pose to human lives. Environmental conservationists have known for some time the vital role of honeybees play in successful agricultural production. However, if most people were asked what exactly honeybees do for humans that is so important, they might have trouble answering the question in detail. To help you answer these questions in the future, listed here are some honeybee facts that can help you be(e) more active in the effort to support these vital creatures.

Controlling Pests on Properties You Manage

Preventative pest control is one of the most important tasks of a property management company, as a pest problem in one location – be it an apartment, hotel, condominium, office space, or any combination thereof – can lead to widespread disease and infestation throughout the property. Once a pest, from bug to mouse, enters a building, there’s nothing to stop them from multiplying, thriving, and taking over room by room. 

Ban Mosquitos from Your Yard This Summer

Summer is the favorite time of year for many. Warm weather, direct sunlight, animals and children in the backyard – it’s a time to be alive and enjoy a good barbecue. 

Keeping Your Four-Legged Friends Tick-Free

The process of removing ticks from your pets’ bellies, rears, and between their toes is disgusting and nerve-wracking. These hideous arachnids are both icky and potentially dangerous for your pets – and you, if they transfer from your pet’s body to yours. They often carry and can transfer potentially life-threatening diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, among others.  However, there are several relatively easy methods of tick prevention that are safe and effective when used correctly. 

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