4 Commercial Mice Prevention Tips

mice preventionWe talk a lot about about mice and rats inside the home, but it comes as no surprise that we are still getting calls about these pesky rodents (and we know as we get deeper into winter they will keep coming). For that reason we’d like to revisit rodent control, this time for commercial environments.

Here are the four most valuable mice prevention tips for commercial buildings:

Of course we all know what a mouse looks like, but more often than not, it’s not the mice we see — it’s the evidence of their existence. Droppings, fresh gnaw marks, and tracks indicate areas where mice are active. Additionally, house mice have a characteristic musky odor that reveals their presence. Keep your eyes, ears and nose peeled for these telltale signs of a mice invasion.

Proper sanitation is probably the most important part of mice prevention. Because mice can survive in very small areas with limited amounts of food, water and shelter, controlling them can be quite a challenge. While good sanitation doesn’t control mice completely, poor sanitation is an open invitation. Once mice have entered a building they will thrive and reproduce in large numbers from even the smallest amount of waste and leftover food.

Exclusion is the most successful and permanent form of mouse prevention. Being able to enter through holes, cracks or gaps as small as ¼ of an inch, it’s important to eliminate these around the building. Seal cracks in building foundations and around openings for water pipes, vents and utility cables. Doors, windows and screens should be free of cracks or tears and fit tightly.

Even the best prevention practices can fall short. In the event mice do make it into your professional building, controlling the infestation is imperative. Contact a pest control professional immediately to ensure the situation is taken care of as quickly as possible. Our experienced pest technicians will create a plan to clear out the mice safely.

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