4 Reasons Why There’s an Ant Infestation In Your Kitchen

antAnt infestations usually happen with clear reasons and the main one is their quest for food. The ants you see on your kitchen floors are known as worker ants, and their work is all about locating good sources of food and bringing food back to the nest. Interior ant infestations present a serious problem, especially when they nest in your kitchen.

There is always a justified reason why you are experiencing an ant infestation in your kitchen. Here are a few common reasons along with some tips on how to help get rid of the ants in your kitchen.

1. You’re not storing food properly.

Just like most pests, ants are also in constant search for food. When you leave food out in the open, all it takes is one ant to come across it. That one ant is going to signal the rest of the colony about the buffet found in your kitchen and soon you are going to face real problems with these pests. To avoid this, keep all foods stored properly in sealed containers and avoid leaving food out for long periods of time. Ants are attracted to sugary foods, pet food, and crumbs, so once they see it lying on your kitchen floor it’s a great invitation for ants to become your new roommates.

2. Your kitchen is not clean enough.

It doesn’t take much for ants to get the scent of food, so make sure you thoroughly clean your kitchen regularly, including table tops, counters, and floors. Don’t neglect corners on the floor, within cabinets, and under cabinet overhangs on the floor, all very common places for crumbs to go unnoticed.

3. Plants close to your home are too inviting.

Ants use vegetation for shelter and food so any vegetation close to your house is just a bridge between the ant’s natural habitat and yours. To keep ants away, trim those plants as soon as you notice any contact with your home. Another solution is to choose to landscape with plants that are good for pest control.

4. You haven’t sealed your home completely.

Ants are tiny, which means they don’t need a lot of space to enter your home. When closed, check all windows and doors to ensure they are sealed properly. Also check for cracks and gaps near the floor. The only way to prevent ants in the kitchen is to seal all possible entryways.

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