Tips on Dealing With Spiders

Spider ControlThere is a saying that you are always within three feet of a spider. But since these creatures are good at finding shelter, you might not notice them that much. And while you’re minding your own business, they sometimes manage to grow in numbers. In order to prevent that from happening, simply follow these tips for dealing with spiders!

Preventing Spiders from Entering your Home

1. Check for Cracks

Spiders can sneak through very small holes, and as long as there are ways for spiders to enter your home, you can never consider the problem solved. Check whether there are any crevices and holes around your doors and windows, so you can fill them with the proper sealant. Consider applying caulk around wires, cables and electronic components since these run under the surface and lead outdoors. The added bonus here is that by sealing all possible entries, you are also going to keep a lot of other pests away.

2. Make sure your lights aren’t attracting them.

Light attracts spiders. If you have noticed spiders in your home, it would be best to consider replacing outdoor lights with sodium-vapor light to prevent them from wanting to enter your home in the first place

3. Use vinegar to repel them.

White vinegar is a liquid many people swear by. It’s with good reason, since it’s at the same time the perfect cleaning solution and an insect repellent. Spiders are among the bugs that don’t appreciate its smell. This is why you should consider cleaning doors, windows and other entry points with white vinegar.

Dealing with Spiders once they’ve Entered your Home

Getting rid of spiders is most easily accomplished by keeping them out through proactive pest control measures, but if they have already entered your home, you should definitely consider calling a professional. Some spiders are poisonous, and if you don’t know what you are dealing with or you have problems recognizing the species, things can quickly get out of control.

Although a few house spiders won’t hurt you, you should make sure the situation doesn’t get worse. On the upside, even if your house gets infested, you’ll only need to make one call to the professional pest control and your spider problem will disappear!

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