5 Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation

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Rodents may be cute when kept as pets, but when they’re an unwelcome visitor to your home or business they become a challenging problem which can cause untrold damage and destruction. They are able to breed at an alarming rate, and often elusive and tricky to catch. Typically only noticeable by their droppings and the damage they leave behind, a rodent infestation is best dealt with as soon as the first signs are noticed, if not prevented altogether. 

With this in mind, in this article we’ll be looking at the signs of a rodent infestation.

Probably the most common sign that home and business owners notice, rodents can leave droppings throughout your property. While they are tiny and can sometimes be easily overlooked, by checking some commonly used toileting areas such as around sinks and inside drawers and pantries/cupboards you’ll be ably to quickly identify if you have an infestation on your hands. 

Nesting Materials
Rodents love a place a nest, and as previously mentioned, they can breed so quickly, so they like to find places to have their young. Common nesting materials include soft textures such as fabric, shredded paper, and dried soil that are often found in locations that are dark and secluded. Therefore, if you suspect an infestation you should check these likely areas, including under objects which haven’t been moved for a time, such as piles of children’s plushies, heavy curtains, and in the back of closets. 

Chewed-on Foods and Packaging
Just like us, rodents need to eat to thrive, and because of this, a clear sign of an infestation in your home will be chewed-on food items and packaging in your pantry or cupboards. Holes in cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes for example can be a clear sign of rodents. 

Holes in Non-Food Items
Rodents love to chew, and can chew through indebile objects as much as they can food items. Oftentimes this is how rodents enter your home in the first place, by chewing through weak spots in your home such as through skirting boards or weakened plaster. Therefore, keep an eye out for holes in your home, or even signs of chewing such as small amounts of dust or sawdust which can indicate unwanted entry to your home. 

Strange Smells
A rodent infestation can leave a strange smell in the air often described as smelling stale. While it won’t fill an entire room, it can be easily noticed in isolated areas where rodents are living. You may also notice smells on fabric items, most commonly caused by the rodents’ urine, which can have a pungent odor of its own! 

Act Fast!
If your explorations turn up clear signs of rodent activity or an infestation, then you need to call in a professional pest control experts as soon as possible, even if the issue appears to be small. Rodent infestations can take over a home quickly, and can cause large amounts of damage. Your pest control professional will not only be able to rid your home of an infestation, but also recommend and sometimes install practical solutions to help prevent rodent problems from appearing in the future. 

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