5 Sneaky Pests to Watch Out For

the effects of an untreated ant infestationPests — unfortunately, most of us live right alongside them, whether at home or at work. Pests are one of the biggest problems with any type of property because they are so ubiquitous. What’s worse, they have adapted to living with us by being very sneaky about invading our space.

Even if you don’t see them, it is advisable to have a regular professional pest control sweep to uncover any unwelcome visitors lurking in the shadows. Here’s just five examples of pests that are particularly hard to detect.


These pesky insects can do more than just destroy a picnic. Ants are infamous for doing damage to homes and businesses while remaining undetected. They create nests by burrowing into wood, and their small stature allows them to select homes within walls, under floors, in basements and in attics. By carving holes in any wooden structures, they can compromise the stability of any building, and of course, they will find their way into any available food storage.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs love to find a warm and cozy place to live and reproduce. Although they don’t bite, they do give off a terrible odor if they feel threatened. They like to enter homes through cracks in the foundation or window screens. Once a stink bug finds a nice place to habitat, they emit a separate odor to alert their friends to join.


Despite being comparably larger in size than other nasty bugs on our list, cockroaches are still masterful at remaining undetected. The common adage about scattering like cockroaches is accurate — any sign of light and these pests will dart into hiding. It is also true that they are extremely hardy, resourceful creatures, making an infestation difficult to reign in.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are repulsive pests that feed on both animal and human blood. They have recently made a disturbing comeback in homes and offices across the country, and more and more people are discovering just how awful and elusive they can be. These insects have small, flat bodies that allow them to hide in the most unlikely of places. Their bite is accompanied with natural anesthetics, so most victims don’t know they have an infestation until they start noticing irritated red marks on their body.


Another disgusting bloodsucker is the common flea. Even smaller than bed bugs, these pests are also experts at hiding. Fleas will lay their eggs on their host or within the fibers of carpets or furniture. They can hitch a ride into your home on cats, dogs, and any other unfortunate furred pet. If you don’t have any pets, keep in mind that they can just as easily make entry via rats and mice. This compounds the issue. If you find that you have fleas in a pet-free home, your exterminator will need to check for a very likely rodent problem, as well.

Just because you don’t witness any of these vermin with your own eyes, does not mean that they aren’t destroying your property and endangering your health. These hard to detect pests require immediate extermination. It is always a good idea to have your home or business regularly examined by a pest control service so they can expertly eliminate any looming threats.

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