5 Surprising Facts about Ladybugs

When you opened your drapes this morning you might have been greeted by more than just sunlight. Instead, your screen may have been dotted with tiny, moving red spots. This can only mean one thing: it’s autumn, and ladybug season is back.

Properly known as Asian beetles, ladybugs are an undeniable part of fall. Whether they’re the one insect you actually like or you find them just as bothersome as all the rest, ladybugs are a common pest problem in the Midwest. Similar to Boxelder Bugs, ladybugs like to congregate on the sunny sides of buildings and homes – especially on a warm fall day.

Ladybugs cause no harm to humans. Again, like boxelder bugs, the biggest problem with ladybugs is their overall presence in large numbers. For many of us, this requires the help from a professional Chicago pest control company. Call Aerex if ladybugs become a problem around your home! In the meantime…here are some things you probably didn’t know about our spotted friends!

1. They aren’t bugs – they’re beetles! – Entomologically speaking, the term bugs applies to insects of the order Hemipetra. Ladybugs belong to the order Colepetra, or beetles.

2. The “‘lady” in ladybug refers to the Virgin Mary.

3. Ladybugs are cannibals – that’s right! Ladybugs will do what they must to survive – including eating each other.

4. You cannot tell a ladybug’s age by its spots – your mother may have told you this as a child, but no, a ladybug’s spots has nothing to do with its age. Don’t let that take the fun away from counting them, though!

5. They bleed from their knees when threatened – yes, strange. Startle a ladybug, and a foul smelling liquid will seep from its leg joints.

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