5 Things to Know About the Asian Longhorned Beetle

Attention, Chicagoland home and business owners! Have you heard of the Asian Longhorned Beetle? If not, this is the article for you. Asian Longhorned Beetles (ALB) are emerging from trees all over Chicago and it’s time to make sure your trees aren’t infected.

August is “Tree Check Month” for the ALB. July and August is the peak emergence period, and trees throughout Chicago should be checked for signs of this destructive pest. Before we dive in to that info, here are five things to know about the infamous ALB.

1. Experts believe Asian Longhorned Beetles were brought to the United States through solid wood packaging material from China.

2. Asian Longhorned Beetles have 12 host trees. In the Chicago area, the major host trees are maple, horsechestnut, birch, willow and elm.

3. Adult beetles emerge from trees from May to October, but July and August are the peak emergence periods.

4. ALB infestations can have detrimental consequences for many industries, including but not limited to timber, maple syrup, nursery stock, tourism and international trade.

5. The only way to effectively eradicate ALB from an infested area is to remove all infested (and potentially infested) host trees.

Warning Signs

  • Round holes on the bark of trees
  • Holes that look like wounds in a tree
  • Weeping sap
  • Frass accumulation that resembles sawdust

Lucky for Chicago, ALBs have been eradicated in Illinois. Other eradicated areas include Staten Island, New Jersey, Boston and Manhattan. That being said, there are still Asian Longhorned Beetles not too far from us, and it’s possible they could make their way back to Illinois. There are currently populations of ALB in New York, Massachusetts and Ohio.

Please Note

Aerex Pest Control cannot treat Asian Longhorned Beetles. But, as your trusted pest control professional, it’s only right that we keep you as informed as possible. If you notice any of the aforementioned signs of ALB around your home or business, send in a report to asianlonghornedbeetle.com.

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