5 Tips for Controlling House Spiders

Have you been spending your summer cleaning up cobwebs around your home? The summer months can cause an increase in several types of spiders, including the common house spider and sac spiders. And let’s face it – no one likes finding spiders. Even the bravest of the brave can have trouble “taking care” of spiders found around house. For that reason, Aerex Pest Control would like to share 5 tips for controlling/preventing house spiders.

  • Keep your home free of clutter. Dust and clean your home thoroughly on a regular basis, particularly by vacuuming. This helps eliminate webs, spiders and their eggs. After vacuuming, dispose the contents of the vacuum bag outside of your home.
  • Spiders tend to navigate towards dark, damp and cool places. When storing items in your attic, garage or basement, store them in plastic sealed bags. This will help prevent spiders from making their way into your belongings.
  • Do you ever wonder how spiders get into your home in the first place? Don’t they just seem to appear out of nowhere? Spiders can enter your home through the smallest of spaces. Seal or caulk any holes in the exterior of your home to eliminate areas where spiders or other pests could be entering. This includes areas where pipes or cables come into your home, and of course windows and doors.
  • Spiders love to hide in wood piles. If you’d like to keep spiders out of your home, avoid stacking wood against the house.
  • Contact Aerex Pest Control  if an issue is identified, our trained technicians can create a plan that is safe and effective.

Let’s be honest. Spiders are scary. And spiders inside the home can make life miserable, especially for arachnophobics. Don’t let spiders become a problem. Test these tips in your home, and always contact Aerex Pest Control with questions or a complete pest treatment.  Aerex technicians understand the habits of each spider species and use that knowledge to develop a control program for your home.

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