6 Beetles Native to Illinois

beetle controlThere are more than a half million species of beetles in the world. This makes them one of the largest group of insects. There are more than 25,000 beetle species in North America alone. Some of them can be destructive, so it’s important to know how to identify them.

In the late summer and fall, beetles are trying to invade homes in order to find a suitable place for overwintering. Here’s a list of the most common beetles native to Illinois.

1. Green June Beetle

These beetles are large enough to be mistaken for a carpenter bee. They’re easily recognized due to their metallic green color. They are frequent guests in gardens, crops, and orchards. When in flight, adults make a noise letting you know they’re present. These beetles are not harmful to humans, just to the crops we grow. They’re considered pests since they can do a significant damage to your plants, crops, and even roots of the grass.

2. Varied Carpet Beetle

This beetle in larval form can cause significant damage to your household. It feeds on natural fibers and can damage your furniture, carpets, and clothing. Larvae also prefer eating dead insects and that’s why it’s a feared pest in natural museums. However, only larvae are dangerous since adults feed only on pollen.

3. Grain Beetle

Adult grain beetles are about 3 mm long and reddish brown in color. Grain beetles are pests that eat flour, cereal, and other dry goods commonly stored in your pantry. The female beetle deposits eggs directly into the food that she’s eating. These eggs are hard to see in flour what makes them especially unwanted. As soon as they hatch, they begin to eat the flour or any other material where they hatched.

4. Japanese Beetle

This beetle is commonly identified by its unique coloring. It appears as emerald dark green to black with brown wings. It is about 15 mm long. In North America, it’s a serious pest because it damages plants, trees, vegetables, flowers, and shrubbery. Even in larvae, they attack the roots of grass surfaces.

5. May Beetle

These beetles are frequent visitors during warm summer evenings. They’re also called June bugs because they’re most active during that month. During the night, they can often be heard bumping into windows because they are attracted to light. These shiny insects are usually a bit larger and reddish-brown to black in color. They are not dangerous to people, but they are agricultural pests to orchards and crops.

6. American Oil Beetle

This is another beetle that can be found in Illinois. They’re known as oil beetles because they release oily fluid when disturbed. Members of this family are usually flightless without functional wings. They look like they’re covered with a shell and they’re usually black in color.

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