6 Shocking Pest Facts

Insect ListAny creature that invades our personal space is considered a pest. Most common pests have been sneaking their way into our homes and businesses for centuries, earning them their annoying reputation.

What many don’t know is that there are a lot of very interesting facts behind these irritating little critters. Some of their most fascinating attributes are even directly connected to how they have become such successful invaders. Pest control professionals must be well-educated on pests’ secrets to success to be able to stay one step ahead of their tactics.

Here’s a look at some of the most amazing pest trivia:

Rats are Highly Intelligent

Anyone who has ever had a rodent infestation knows that rats are clever at evading detection until you have a full-blown community of them within your walls. Their best defense is their brains, as they are able to learn, memorize, and apply problem-solving techniques to ensure their survival just about anywhere, including your home. While this may seem an admirable trait, don’t forget that every year rats also contaminate enough food to feed 200 million people.

It’s Not Bad Aim, it’s the Housefly’s Sight

Tracking down and swatting houseflies borders on an art form because of how difficult it can prove to be. No matter how stealthy and fast you are, they seem to have an uncanny ability to escape at the last moment. The housefly has an incredible 4,000 lenses in each eye to provide a wide view of their surroundings, which is an asset to their survival.

Bed Bugs are Prolific Baby-Makers

These blood-sucking pests have had a recent resurgence in the last few years. The problem with bed bugs is that once you have just a few, it takes very little time for an infestation to occur. Bed bugs can have over 10,000 offspring in just three months and the adults can go without food for over a year. This is an incredible survival mechanism that makes bed bug control a complex and involved undertaking.

Ants Lead Long and Productive Lives

Of all the pests in the insect world, ants live the longest. Ants can live an astonishing 30 years and they certainly make it count – they do not sleep. The largest known ant colony was recorded at over 3,750 miles in length.

Cockroaches are the Walking Dead

Not literally, but their abilities do draw a lot of creepy parallels. Cockroaches can live for seven days, a whole week, without a head. They can also hold their breath for over half an hour and live without any food for over a month. The common theory that cockroaches would be the only things to survive a nuclear blast is not completely unfounded. These pests seem almost indestructible.

Fleas Are Acrobats

The common flea can jump up to 130 times its height, an amazing feat in the animal kingdom. It unfortunately also helps them spread from host to host and evade detection. The female flea can lay around 2,000 eggs, making infestations grow at an alarming rate.

As amazing as these facts may be, they are unfortunately evolutionary adaptations that make these pests so good at making our lives miserable. If you have what seems like a small invasion in your home, it won’t take long to become an infestation. It’s always important to contact a pest control service as soon as you notice any indication of these unwanted houseguests.

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