6 Spots in Your Home Which Might Be Infested With Bugs

boxelder bug controlBugs and various insects are really eager to settle into any space which has food, water and shelter for them. Since most homes are warm and full of food, it is no wonder a lot of people deal with bug infestations. If you want to prevent a full-blown infestation in your home, it is important to be proactive, and the first step is knowing where bugs like to hide. Here are some common hiding places that you should continuously monitor for possible infestations.

1. Seams of padded furniture.

These are the most common places for bed bugs infestations. They spread really fast and sometimes it takes months before you notice them, so make sure to check your mattresses, cushions, and cracks on the bed frame.

2. Basements.

Every basement provides two things bugs crave, darkness and dampness. Check all your plumbing for leaks and seal any entry points bugs may use. Inspect every dark corner and places underneath the appliances.

3. Baseboards.

Places behind wall baseboards or trim are usually bug hotels, hosting all kinds of bugs and insects that like tight corners. To get rid of bugs who live in these areas you should vacuum along the trim weekly. Use a vacuum brush attachment just for this area and it should be easier to clean this space up.

4. Closets.

To do a proper pest control you need to inspect everything, including your clothes, since there are bugs that feed off fabrics. Clean your clothes regularly and keep only clothing that you wear regularly. When you buy new or used clothes, always clean it before storing it in your closet

5. Trashcans.

A trashcan with a sealed lid will keep the bugs out of the garbage. If you recycle, pour some vinegar or soapy water into the bins, since that makes the area less appealing to hungry bugs. Regularly rinse your trash cans and recycle bins with bleach for household cleaning to eliminate possible bug eggs.

6. Appliances.

Unfortunately, there are even bugs that make themselves at home in your appliances. Stoves and refrigerators provide ideal shelter to such bugs. It is good to spray some liquid, such as vinegar or even pesticides, around these appliances. If you do notice that some bugs are hiding in your appliances, call your local pest control professional and ask for advice about the best pesticide to use.

What to do if you find bugs?

If you find bugs in your home, there are many ways to handle it, depending on the level of infestation, bug type, place, etc. You can do it yourself, or you can call a professional. But the first thing to think of is disposing of the bugs’ hiding places and sanitizing them.

So keep your home neat and clutter-free as a simple preventative solution. Also, consider checking all the doors on the outside of your house and look for gaps. If you notice any, fix them to prevent the bugs from entering your home. Check for any cracks, gaps and other weak points, and make sure to seal them with caulk or cement.


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