7 Ways to Prevent an Outdoor Mouse Problem

We all hope that our homes are mouse-free. What’s often overlooked by homeowners though, is that having mice outdoors can be similarly dangerous and destructive. Having a mouse problem in your yard is a nuisance, of course, but it can lead to several problems. Not to mention, once winter comes around, mice will be looking for a warm place to call home and may invade your home. We encourage everyone to get an outdoor mouse inspection by a trained exterminator. 

The best thing to do as a homeowner is to take preventative steps so that mice never become a problem in the first place. This article is going to give you seven effective, time-tested tips for outdoor mice control.


  • Keep the Trash Away
    Mice are hungry. If there’s available food somewhere, they will find it and have a field day. Be sure to keep your trash cans located far away from your home and sealed tightly to prevent mice.
  • Keep Your Home Sealed
    While we are focused on outdoor mice control, mice are still likely to hang out in yards where they know they have shelter nearby. Make sure all the entry points into your home are sealed and closed off. Mice are able to enter into your home from the tiniest of holes, so be careful and thorough.
  • Keep the Yard Tidy
    If a yard looks bad to you, that means it looks good to mice and other pests. Keeping your lawn mowed and cleaned up will help mice from moving in. Being the envy of your neighbors can have some wonderful effects!
  • Clean Up Potential Nesting Spots
    Mice like to nest in places where there is some natural shelter. If there are piles of debris building up in your yard, it will be an enticing place for a mouse to build its nest. Take care of the piles of debris and junk in your yard.
  • Don’t Leave Food Outdoors
    If you leave food out where mice can get to it, they will start to look for more and may find a way into your home. You don’t want to invite these nasty guys into your home.
  • Cover Burrow Openings
    Mice and other pests often dig into the ground to rest. If you notice any holes or burrows in your yard, cover them up with soil or rocks to prevent entry and exit by mice.
  • Let the Pros Do It
    If you’ve noticed a nest in your yard, put down the homemade mouse killer and blowtorch. DIY poisoning and pest control can be harmful to children and pets, so it’s best to let a trained pest control expert take care of your mice problem.


If there’s a motto in pest control it’s this: Take care of the pests before they get inside. Outdoor pest control and prevention is the best way to make sure they don’t make it in. If you have any questions or need an exterminator, check out our website or give us a call.

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