8 Ant Control Methods That Don’t Work

ant controlA lot of homes have problems with ants. These insects can be a real burden. Once an ant enters your home it leaves a scent trail that invites other ants to follow.

They are hard to exterminate, especially if there is an infestation. It’s fine to try out some of the DIY methods as an ant control, but if anything, they’ll only kill a few at best. Ants are social insects and they always live in colonies, so the ant control treatments should effectively kill the entire colony.

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of ants, here are a few ant control methods that simply don’t work.

  • Dish soap and water is a combination that may remove the scent trails ants leave. They’re going to hate the smell, but this solution is only temporary and it doesn’t mean your house is going to be ant-free for very long.
  • White vinegar or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle might work as a natural repellent, but this method isn’t helpful if you have larger problems with ants in your household.
  • Peppermint oil could be a good solution if there are only a few ants inside your home. This oil may be used to remove the scent ants leave. You might actually be able to achieve something with this method if ants are entering your house from only one place, but this is rarely the case.
  • Black pepper is sometimes considered a cheap ant poison. It can be sprinkled around places where you see ants. Keep in mind that when you use this ant control method, you aren’t killing the entire colony, just those scout ants that came out in search of the food, and they’ll just keep coming back.
  • A borax bait made at home is a common ant control method. People mix borax with some sweet baits ants are attracted to, like peanut butter or sugar. This method also doesn’t work to kill the colony. Not only that, but borax is not safe to use around pets and children, so we don’t recommend trying this method at all.
  • Ground cinnamon may work, but only as a prevention method. If you don’t have any ants inside your home, you could try using cinnamon, pepper, or garlic around the doors and floors to keep them away; however, this method is not totally effective for ant prevention.
  • A line drawn in chalk isn’t an ant’s mortal enemy, even though some may say how an ant will not cross that line.
  • Coffee grounds is another method that doesn’t work if you already have ants inside your home. This should be used only as a prevention method, which again, won’t be totally effective.

The biggest problem with most DIY ant control methods is that they don’t exterminate the entire colony. If you have an ant infestation in your home, by the time you try out a couple of somewhat or totally ineffective homemade solutions, the ants in the colony will continue to multiple and spread out quickly and you’re going to need a professional help in no time.

A trained pest control professional knows how to find an ant colony and exterminate them entirely. With larger infestations, we recommend avoiding common DIY ant control methods entirely, since only a professional can deal with this problem totally and effectively.

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