8 Most Common Hiding Places for Spiders

spider controlHouse spiders are common and are never a treat to discover. These pests are extremely skillful at finding the best hiding places in and around your home. To prevent them from entering and creating an infestation, it’s good to do be proactive about spider control. Here are the most common places in and around your home that spiders use as hiding places.

1. Inside your vegetation.

Whether inside or outside of your home, spiders are attracted to vegetation, such as bushes, shrubs, and plants. If you have a lot of vegetation in or around your home, there is a good chance you will deal with these pests on a regular basis. To keep the spiders away, you should keep the shrubs and bushes well trimmed, especially those directly around your home.

2. Under furniture.

Spiders love dark and quiet places where no one can see them. You can minimize the use of this hiding space by regularly vacuuming and cleaning the surfaces underneath your furniture.

3. Within your clutter.

If you’ve got piles of clutter in your home, such as books, magazines, and other things, it is in your best interest to remove those piles. Spiders spend the majority of their time looking for a good hiding spot, and homes filled with clutter are their favorite destinations. Remove clutter and put your things in boxes or plastic containers to keep the spiders away.

4. In closets.

Since many spiders prefer the dark, they can often be found hiding somewhere high in your closet. Be aware of this hiding space and when you clean your house, be thorough and always check your closet for any signs of spiders there.

5. Within cracks in the wall.

Wolf spiders don’t web, and they usually look for areas such as cracks and crevices in the wall. Seal all openings and holes to prevent spiders from hiding there.

6. In the corners near your ceiling.

This is the most common place to spot a spider in your home. It is not exactly a hiding place, but they tend to spend much of their time in the corners to find prey easier. If you don’t spot and remove them on time, they can lay eggs and spread their reign. Be proactive and vacuum their webs out of your ceiling corners regularly.

7. Under rocks and woodpiles.

The more dangerous species of spider tend to hide under rocks and piles of wood in your yard. Problems start if they make their way into your home. To prevent that, clean up any unnecessary piles of debris from your yard. Store woodpiles somewhere indoors or cover them firmly with plastic material.

8. In the garage.

Your garage is a likely area for a spider infestation, so make sure to check it thoroughly and seal all entry points, such as cracks or any holes spiders may use to gain access to your garage. If you notice an infestation, or you are afraid to deal with spiders on your own, contact a pest control professional to inspect your area.

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