9 Places Mosquitoes Love to Live & Breed

mosquito controlUsually, mosquitoes live and breed around bodies of stagnant water, but people are not always aware of how easily this can happen in their own backyard. These iconic summer pests are not just annoying, they can also cause serious problems since they can transmit dangerous diseases and viruses. One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes at bay is to stop them from breeding around your house. Here are some common places for mosquito breeding and tips on how to do proper mosquito control!

1. Any standing water source in your yard is an invitation for a mosquito female to lay its eggs. If you want to remove these sources, you need to clean bird baths regularly, store uncovered items such as boats or plastic pools to prevent water from collecting in them, empty buckets and store them upside down, and throw out any plastic containers you don’t use that often.

2. Consider reducing the number of plant pots that can collect water since they are also a perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes. For those you do have, change the water collection pans from pots weekly.

3. Another tip for a mosquito control is to repair all plumbing or air conditioner leaks to minimize water accumulation as much as possible.

4. If you leave your trash can outside and uncovered, mosquitoes can also breed in there since water can collect in and underneath it. To prevent them, you need to keep your trash cans tightly lidded and drill a hole in the bottoms of your containers to let the water run out.

5. A neglected hot tub or a swimming pool is an open invite for an entire mosquito colony. Even when you don’t use a hot tub or a pool, make sure it’s clean and tightly covered, so you don’t have nasty problems with these pests.

6. Mosquitoes rest in tall grass, weeds, and shrubs, so for proper mosquito control, you need to maintain your yard clean and your lawn mowed. Also, trim back tall weeds and bushes since these too can offer a perfect home for a mosquito.

7. These pests can also breed and live in any type of clutter in your yard. So keep your yard clean and store items you don’t use indoors or tightly cover them with a material that will prevent water from collecting on top or inside. Old tires are common offenders due to their unique shape, so make sure to store them properly too or get rid of them.

8. Clogged or slow-moving gutters that promote standing water are common places for mosquitoes to breed, so be sure to clean them regularly and keep them free of debris to avoid clogs.

9. If mosquitoes live in your yard, it’s quite easy for them to enter your home. To prevent them from doing so, make sure that your doors and windows have tight-fitting screens. If there are any ripped or torn screens, patch or replace them since mosquitoes need only a small entrance to invade your home.

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