A Reminder About Mice and Rats

Happy New Year! As we begin 2014, January is a month that commercial and residential properties need to be aware of rodents. Mice and rats thrive off the shelter of our homes and offices during the winter months, with January being at the peak of rodent season.

Here are a few things to remember about mice:

They reproduce quickly
One mouse/rat can easily turn into 12 – or more! What’s worse? Mice that invade homes will continue to be a problem as long as food and shelter will allow. It’s okay to use common home elimination practices, but contacting Aerex Pest Control after your first mouse sighting is the best way to ensure quick and effective elimination.

Mice and rats can cause damage
They feast on your food. They feast on your pet’s food. They make nests in your attic. Rats and mice can do damage both structurally and to your health. Once they make their way inside cereal boxes or other foods, they can contaminate it with their droppings hair and urine. Additionally, mice often make nests in large electrical appliances, and they may chew up wiring as well as insulation. They may also damage stored items in attics, basements or garages.

There are telltale signs
There are certain sights and sounds that can indicate a rodent problem. Gnawing, climbing in walls, running across the surface of ceilings and squeaks are signs mice may be present. Chewed wires, holes in boxes or stored food items are also good indicators.

Professional removal is the way to go
Like any pest, contacting a professional pest control company is your best bet for rodent removal. The technicians at Aerex Pest Control are familiar with the characteristics and habits of each pest we treat, and will develop a safe and effective plan.

Do you think rodents might be a problem at your residence? Fill out a free quote form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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