All About Blow Flies

Think you might have blow flies taking over your home? If the flies in your home are a shiny green, blue, bronze or black – you just might. These shiny, metallic colored flies are often confused with the common house fly and appear suddenly in large numbers. They can be found congregating around doors and windows, producing an intense buzzing sound. If you are having a problem with Blow Flies around your home, there are some simple and obvious causes.

Blow Flies, also known as Bottle Flies, choose to lay their eggs in decomposing matter, such as garbage, animal feces, rotting vegetables, neglected compost piles and grass clippings. While Blow Flies are important in nature as an aid in the decaying process, they are not our friends when it comes to invading our homes. If you want to prevent Blow Flies from making a home in your abode, pay close attention to the factors mentioned above. Take your trash out regularly, monitor uncovered fruits and vegetables and dispose of them once they are no longer fresh, and clean up after your pets.

Keep in mind – sometimes the presence of Blow Flies is inevitable. The summer months are an especially difficult time to keep them out, since the heat speeds up the decomposing process of trash.

If your attempts to keep Blow Flies out of your home are less than successful, contact a professional pest control service to aid in their removal. Aerex offers the latest in pest control services and can get your Blow Fly issue under control in no time.

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