Are Fleas Harmful to Humans

how to get rid of bugs in an apartment buildingFleas are creatures we normally associate with other animals, mostly our own pets.  Is it true that fleas are harmless to people? The short answer to the question of whether fleas affect the health of a human organism would be no. Fleas are generally completely harmless to humans. In order to provide an extensive answer, however, we’ll need to explain why there was a need to say “generally” harmless. So here’s a list of scenarios in which you’d be affected by coming in contact with these pesky creatures.


Let’s say a flea bit you. There are only two reasons why that would become a health issue of any kind. The first and the one that’s more common are allergies. Just like some are allergic to nuts, there are others who suffer from allergic reactions to flea bites. The symptoms of such a reaction would be severe itching, extensive redness and shortness of breath. If one or more of these occur, it would be best to seek medical attention right away. Otherwise, a flea bite is something you shouldn’t even notice.

Scratching as a Result of Allergies:

As we’ve already said, there are only two situations in which a flea bite could result in something harmful to people. The second one isn’t technically caused by fleas, since it involves excessive scratching by the person who was bit. This type of behavior could lead to an infection, which is why it’s recommended to leave the itching area be.


Flea infestations are a whole other thing. While an individual flea is almost never harmful to people, a collective is always potentially dangerous. When there’s a colony of them, these creatures aren’t just very annoying and inconvenient to be around. Among others, they can cause various respiratory problems. This is why it’s highly recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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