Are Garden Spiders Poisonous?

If you’ve ever encountered a garden spider, you know how down right frightening they can be! Typically black with yellow stripes or zigzags, garden spiders are larger than the average arachnid and have the ability to create extremely strong webs.

Recently we’ve received a few calls about garden spiders. The biggest question is whether these spiders are something to be concerned about, followed by something like this:

  • Do garden spiders bite?
  • Are garden spiders poisonous?
  • Can garden spiders get inside my house?

Garden spiders are typically not aggressive. Their bites are also not known to be of medical importance. That being said, garden spiders won’t bite without a reason. Unless a female garden spider is disturbed in her web, there is no reason to fear them. As the old saying goes, stay away from them and they’ll stay away from you. Unfortunately, yes, garden spiders can make their way into your home. However, this is NOT typical. As the name states, garden spiders are usually found in gardens, meadows or shrubby areas. If you’re concerned about garden spiders (or any other pest) entering your home, keep trees, bushes and other shrubbery away from the house or entryways.

Although garden spiders are for the most part harmless, we understand how concerning it can be to find one of these in your garden or home. If you happen to spot an abundance of garden spiders in your home or garden, contact Aerex! Spiders are one of our specialties, and we will use the best pest control solutions to safely and effectively take care of the problem. Ready to get started? Get a FREE QUOTE today!

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