Are There Bed Bugs in Your Library Books?

Yes, this an actual question. After one of our colleagues mentioned noticing “small bugs” while he was reading at night, we decided to investigate this matter further. When asked “where did the books come from?” his answer confirmed our suspicions. Bed bugs were in his library books.

Of all the places you’d think to check for bed bugs, we’d be willing to bet library books are not one of them. As odd as it sounds, libraries are actually one of the most common places for bed bug infestations. Hundreds of libraries all over the country experience bed bug problems every year, some temporarily closing to take care of the problem.

What to Look For

If you’ve never seen one before (consider yourself lucky, first of all), bed bugs are oval shaped, flat, and brownish or reddish in color. They can be as small as a speck or as large as an apple seed. Signs of bed bugs in your library books are dark spots or stains on the pages that could be a crushed bed bug or fecal matter. You could even find corpses, eggs or shells.

Inspect Your Library Books

Since bed bugs are flat and often times small, it’s super easy for them to hide. Check your books thoroughly before bringing them home with you. Of course they will be easy to spot if they are on the pages, but once in the binding things get tricky. Research shows they are more likely to be in hardcovers, but we recommend checking your paperbacks, as well.

What to Do Next

If you do spot a bed bug in your library book, call a professional pest control service right away. Even if the bed bugs are only in your book(s), there’s a good chance they have made their way into other parts of your home (and maybe even your car) and a bed bug inspection is necessary. Once you’ve scheduled your beg bug service, contact the library. They need to know their books contain bed bugs so they can invest in the proper treatment and prevent others from taking them home.

Nothing says “summer” like discovering bed bugs in your books. Luckily, Aerex Pest Control makes dealing with bed bugs a whole lot easier. We will send out a team of bed bug professionals who can take care of the problem safely and effectively. Contact us today or fill out a free quote form.

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