Avoid Spring Pests!

Surviving the long, harsh winter this year has certainly taken its toll on Chicagoland residents. The thought of spring activities and preparing for warmer weather has been far from our minds – and with temperatures still under 50 degrees, might still seem far into the future. But alas, spring is coming (we promise!). Be aware of the reappearance of these pests!

Ants: Black carpenter ants are the most common type of ants we will see here in the Midwest. They are black, wingless and small. If there is one pest that is notorious for invading when food is left out – it’s ants. The spring and summer months require close attention to keeping your home free of crumbs, trash and left out food.

Bees/Wasps: The cool weather we’ve been having makes it seem like we might never see a bee or wasp again! But don’t get your hopes up – bees and wasps are sure to make a return as the temperature heats up! Honey bees, hornets, bumble bees and yellow jackets are all pests to look out for, especially around high pollination areas and outdoor parties. If you see a nest, don’t attempt taking care of it yourself. This is incredibly dangerous. Always call a professional pest control service like Aerex!

Note: We cannot treat honeybees.

Spiders: There are a variety of spiders we encounter throughout Chicago. The black widow, brown recluse, common house spider and sac spider are all types we need to be aware of. Many spiders are (for the most part) harmless, while others can cause painful or dangerous bites. Learn how to identify spiders in your home and always contact Aerex if you notice spiders becoming a nuisance.

Water Bugs: A water bug is a general term for bugs like cockroaches or palmetto bugs that gather around water sources. They are attracted to food and water, so the best way to prevent them is to avoid leaving food and water out in the open.

Bed Bugs: Is there ever a time not to worry about bed bugs? Unfortunately, these critters can plague our homes at any time. It’s especially important to watch out for them when traveling. They are sneaky little things, and can take a ride home with you on backpacks, bags and luggage. Take notice of any new bug bites. While bites don’t always indicate bed bugs, new bites should always be checked out.

Wasn’t winter rough enough? Don’t let pests ruin your spring. Chicago pest control services are just a phone call away. Contact Aerex Pest Control for the best pest control services in Chicago. We’re fast, safe and effective! Not located in Chicago? No problem. Aerex serves much of Chicagoland from The North Shore, Northwest suburbs and even Kenosha, Wisconsin!

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