Avoiding Holiday Pests

The end of the year brings Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in quick succession, meaning many households will be at their busiest. Also busy are pests such as roaches and spiders who are all actively looking for a warm space to shelter in the winter months. Due to the hectic schedules that come along with this time of year, it is easy for infestations to be overlooked until they have taken hold. In this article we’ll be exploring the types of creepy crawlies which may try to seek shelter in your home during the holidays, as well as how to prevent this. 

Common Culprits
Listed below are the potential culprits to be on the lookout for in winter:

  • Aphids, Beetles, and Spiders: These types of bugs can make their way into your home via infested foliage such as greenery and even your christmas tree.
  • Earwigs, Spiders, Mice, and Silverfish: Attics make great homes for these types of critters, and can settle in boxes of christmas decor over the summer months.
  • Bedbugs: As holidays are a time for family to come together, you may end up picking up unwanted bed bugs from hotel accommodations when visiting loved ones. 
  • Roaches: Roaches love storage spaces such as attics and other undisturbed spaces, which is also where you likely keep your holiday decor.
  • Ants: Some ants like to seek shelter in homes, and can settle in your home if they find a good source of food and water.
  • Fruit Flies and Moth Flies: These critters love decaying organic material. If you love decorating with flowers, foliage, or even a fruit bowl to welcome guests, your home may become tempting to these creatures. 

How to Prevent Holiday Infestations:
Listed below are some handy tips and tricks to prevent unwanted festive visitors:

  • Christmas Tree: Check over your tree before purchasing, and shake out both real and plastic trees (you may even want to vacuum your plastic tree) before setting them up in your home. This will help remove any unwanted bugs from your tree and stop them from settling indoors.
  • Avoid Edible Decor: Edible decor such as chocolate or dried orange slices look great but are open season for rodents. This decor can draw rodents into your home, creating infestation issues. 
  • Unpack Outside: Where possible, unpack stored ornaments and decor outside, and inspect each piece thoroughly, particularly items such as garland, tinsel, or fabric pieces, as creepy crawlies will love these! Unpacking outside will mean that any unwanted critters will be left out in the cold and not in your home.
  • Containers: Use plastic containers with a tight lid to store your decor, as this will make it hard for pests to infiltrate.
  • Bed Bugs: If you’re travelling this season, select where you stay carefully, read reviews and check all bedding before your bring your belongings into your room. If you think you’ve picked up bedbugs from a recent stay, contact the hotel in question to inform them, and contact a pest control professional to help get the infestation in your home under control.

Staying on top of potential pests in your home can help keep it a welcoming place for your friends and family, as well as a safe and comfortable home for you! Reach out to a pest control professional today to learn how to prevent infestations in your home.

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