Bait or Trap? What’s Best for Rodent Control

deer mouseA lot of people have problems with rodents in their homes, offices, vacation houses or other places. As you might have guessed, there are a number of ways to get rid of these unwanted guests in your home. Two of the most popular methods are the bait and the trap method. The first one refers to the act of baiting mice or rats with a treat which contains poison, effectively killing them. The second method refers to trapping mice with a special rodent trap and removing them from your living area in that way. If you are unsure of what the better method of these two is, here is a handy guide which you can use to determine which method suits you best.


Poisoning rodents is probably the most common rodent control strategy which a lot of people use. It is effective and it is really simple to administer. The only thing you need to do is spread the poison throughout the affected areas and wait for rodents to ingest it. There are no special tools to use and the cost is very reasonable. It is also fast acting. When rodents eat the bait, they will be dead within a few minutes. Another positive aspect of baiting is that it can rid you of multiple rodents at a time, whereas trapping usually catches one at a time.

However, there are also drawbacks to using bait as your primary rodent control method. Firstly, the poison used on rodents is also toxic to humans and other animals. This means that it is not recommended for use if you have children or pets, as they can accidentally ingest it and get sick. Another negative aspect is that the poison kills the rodents, and you then have to dispose of the bodies. If you don’t do it quickly, they tend to really stink up a place. And since it takes a few minutes for the rodent to die, by then it can manage to get inside walls or to some other hard-to-reach place. Rodents also carry many diseases
, so you need to take special care when handling the bodies – it can be a long and exhausting process.


The first and most obvious pro of using trapping instead of baiting is that there are many traps that capture rodents alive. Although even with poisons there are more and less humane ones, trapping is viewed as definitely the more humane option. And even if you opt for a kill trap, such as the snap trap, it usually kills the rodent instantly, so there is no suffering involved. There is also no poison or any toxic substances involved, so traps are relatively safe to use around children or pets.

One of the downsides of trapping instead of baiting is that you can usually only trap one mouse at a time, which makes this process a long and arduous one. More so since there is no guarantee of even catching any rodents. The traps need to be well placed, so you will need to know the best area of activity of the rodents. Another drawback is that some traps are costly and are more complicated to set up than baits.  Of course, there are a number of types of traps, so it is best research the best one for your particular situation.

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