Ban Mosquitos from Your Yard This Summer

mosquitoSummer is the favorite time of year for many. Warm weather, direct sunlight, animals and children in the backyard – it’s a time to be alive and enjoy a good barbecue. 

However, with all of these delights come the mosquitos. 

Mosquitos, unfortunately, live from the extremes of northern Canada and beyond to the southernmost tip of South America. That means that there is literally no place in the United States where mosquitoes don’t live – so wherever you are, it’s important to know how to get rid of mosquitos that encroach upon your outdoor spaces.  

Mosquito Season

In the northern United States and Canada, mosquito season is from May to August. Mosquitoes need warm, moist climates in order to breed and hatch the next generation. Only cold, dry weather keeps them in check – evidenced by the fact that only Antarctica and Iceland are entirely mosquito-free.

Protecting Your Property

There are a few different steps you can take to safeguard your outdoor living spaces against mosquitos at all stages of their life cycles. 

  1.     Eliminate all sources of standing water. 

This is perhaps the most important step in getting rid of mosquitos, as adult mosquitoes need standing water in which to lay their eggs. Removing standing water on your property cuts off their ability to reproduce in the vicinity in the first place, which slashes their numbers from the start. Sources of standing water include puddles on the ground, as well as small pools created in containers such as barrels, flowerpots, birdbaths, etc. 

  1.     Prune your plants. 

Mosquitoes are attracted to small, dark hiding places, and the trees and shrubs in your yard are the perfect places to lie in wait. Trimming back unruly trees and pruning your bushes can help you get rid of a mosquito’s favorite places to await their next meal. You may even find you prefer the new look! 

  1.     Install mosquito-repelling lighting fixtures. 

Mosquitos are most active as the sun is beginning to set and the heat of the afternoon wears off. When the sun is blazing full force, they prefer to stay in shady, moist places, such as under bushes or near ponds or puddles. So, one thing you can do to get rid of mosquitos around your outdoor living spaces in the evening is to install mosquito-repellant lighting. 

  1.     Invest in an outdoor fan. 

Mosquitos are so tiny that a gust of wind can literally blow them away. If you have an extreme mosquito problem, consider installing an outdoor fan in or next to your most-frequented outdoor living space to get rid of the mosquitos before they get close enough to bite you. 

  1.     Hang mosquito nets. 

In some places of the world, there are so many mosquitos that only extreme methods can keep them away. If you have a severe mosquito problem, consider hanging mosquito nets around your outdoor spaces to literally wall the bugs off. 

Taking any or all of these steps can help you get rid of those pesky little buggers before they bite and make your summer an itchy one to remember. 

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