Battling Summer Ants


It’s no secret that ants are hardworking bugs. They build state-of-the-art homes, carry food ten times their weight and work tirelessly to accomplish their goals for the day. While most of us are planning to relax by the pool or take some time off, the ants are preparing for a colder climate. They’ll stop at nothing to gather those last little crumbs or key pieces for their construction project.

Because ants are so diligent, nothing is off limits to them. Once they discover that your home is a gateway to a world of priceless food products, they’ll surely take advantage of it. Often times, this leads to infestation problems within the home, causing a great deal of distress for homeowners.

Ants are tireless and are extremely difficult to get rid of once they have found your home to be a prime location, which means prevention is key. If you’re wanting to keep your home free of ants, consider these useful tips.

1. Clean Crumbs Immediately

It’s easy to let those few crumbs from dinner or a late night snack linger on the floor for a few days. Unfortunately, this lures ants into your home. Once they see that you have access to limitless food, they’ll be right at your doorstep. It’s vital that you clean or sweep crumbs immediately. If there’s nothing for the ants to take, there’s no reason for them to be within your home. 

2. Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Sealed

When you have cracks in your foundation or walls, this could lead to potential infestations. It’s important to keep your open spaces sealed to make sure the ants don’t get in. By eliminating their entryway, they won’t have access to your food source.

3. Seal Your Food

Make sure your food bags and boxes are properly sealed to ward off ants. If they smell something sweet coming from an open bag of sugar, it’s feeding time. A lot of people find purchasing sealed canisters to be helpful. This keeps the ants away from your food for good. 

4. Vacuum Daily

Sometimes you can miss a few crumbs here and there when you sweep. However, using your vacuum will get rid of all traces of debris. Make it a habit, especially in the summer months, to vacuum your floors. This will control potential ant infestations easier. 

5. Purchase Ant Deterrent 

If you notice a few ants here and there within the home, it’s time to take immediate action. This means purchasing fumigators, traps, or ant removal spray. These methods, however, are preliminary and should only be used while you wait for a trained exterminator to take care of your infestation.

Ants are busy pests that can’t wait to feed on your stash of delicious food. It’s imperative that you become aware of their tactics so as to avoid luring them in. Should you experience an infestation, call for help from a trained exterminator immediately. They’ll have the tools needed to conquer your infestation and free your home of pesky ants so you’ll be able to enjoy your summer!

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