Bed Bugs in Chicago

Cimex lectularius Linnaeus. Four cities have more than Chicago does. That’s right; Chicago is fifth, right up there with New York, Philly, Detroit and Cincinnati. They may be considered more nuisance than hazardous to your health, but when the bed bugs in Chicago keep rising in numbers and are blamed in spreading other diseases of humans, its time to do something about them!

Bed bugs are tiny, brownish, wingless insects that feed solely on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Cimex lectularius, or common bed bug, is quite well adapted to live with humans, since other related species prefer to feed on wild hosts, such as bats and birds. The hatchlings are about the same size as a poppy seed while adults get up to ¼ inch long. The adults, who have flattened bodies, are sometimes falsely accused of being cockroaches or ticks. They cannot fly but can move across floors, ceilings, walls and other surfaces very quickly.

Since bed bugs are quite adaptable they can be difficult to eradicate. The adults can survive for more than a year without feeding, while their nymphs can go for months. So just surrendering an area to them for a while is useless. How can they be eradicated? Is professional help necessary?

If you’ve got a serious problem with these insects in your home or office, then professional help is really advised.  After all, if it were your home and your bed we’re talking about, wouldn’t you like it really well taken care of? For the best care for your place, call Aerex right now.

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