Bee Allergies & Getting Your Home Treated

how to remove a bumble bee nestBees are an important part of nature.  They greatly contribute to seasonal changes through pollination to flower plants in our yards.  There are some situations however where a high population of bees can be very dangerous for people who have severe sting allergies. Most people know if they are at risk for reaction to a sting. Even though honey bees are very valuable creatures, people who are susceptible to bee stings need to keep their populations down to decrease the chances that they are afflicted by an allergic reaction.

Preventative measures…

Bees nest in protected areas like within attics, inside walls, and in tree cavities. If you do have an allergy, it is important to call a professional who can handle the removal of the nest if you suspect you have one. Prevention methods of obtaining bees nests usually include sealing all possible openings where pipes or wires enter. Bees can often be found under decks so some lattice below the deck can help inhibit them from colonizing there.  They usually sting to defend themselves. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting stung.

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting stung:

  1. Don’t wear perfumes or colognes when you’re out in your yard. Especially flowery smells and they can easily detect and follow perfume scents.
  2. Wearing brightly colored clothing invites bees to land on you, so avoid wearing them when you know you’re going to spend time outdoors.
  3. They’re attracted to sugary food, so be careful what you eat outdoors.
  4. Keep your trash in containers with tight lids since bees might be attracted to the scent of what’s inside your trash

Don’t panic if they fly near you…

If you’re afraid of bees, it’s hard to remain calm when you notice them flying around you. When you make panicked movements they get defensive and it can cause them to sting. If they come near you, just take a deep breath and try to stay calm. That’s the only way to avoid getting stung. Once the bee realizes you are calm, it’s not going to feel threatened, and it will fly away…

What provokes them to sting?

Make sure if you do have a nest in your yard you treat for bees. If the hive is in proximity to your home, they will likely be more aggressive in protection of their hive. For someone who has a bee allergy, this can be dangerous.

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