Black Widow Spiders

It’s February. That means spiders are still a problem for many Chicagoland homes and offices. One question we receive a lot here at Aerex Pest Control is “how do I know if a spider is poisonous?” The good news is that most spiders we see in the Midwest and particularly around Chicago are [for the most part] harmless. With that said, we still like to keep our Chicago Pest Control customers educated on how to identify a spider that could be harmful to you, your family and your pets.

In Illinois, the black widow spider is commonly referred to as a “Northern Black Widow.” This is because different Black Widows reside in different parts of the country. For example, southern states have the Southern Black Widow and the southwestern states have the Western Black Widow.

So, how do you identify this dangerous arachnoid? In the United States, adult female widows are almost always a shiny black. They have a trademark “hourglass” marking on their underside that is a bright read or orange. Northern Black Widows seen in Illinois might even have white streaks on the side of their abdomen.

While this all sounds scary, there is a silver lining. Bites from black widows are relatively uncommon. Black Widows have a habit of remaining in their webs that are typically located away from human activity. Furthermore, a black widow prefers to run rather than fight an intruder. Even better news? Male black widows aren’t considered dangerous at all.

Like with any pest, prevention is key to keeping black widows away from your home or office. Seal cracks and crevices, reduce outdoor lighting (so as not to attract insects spiders feed on), keep vegetation away from your home or building and disposing of outdoor debris helps ensure an environment is unsuitable for spiders.

Contact Aerex, a professional Chicago Pest Control service should you suspect any activity from Black Widow Spiders. These pests could very well be harmful to humans and pets. Aerex is known for their knowledge of pests and their habits as well as safe and effective removal. Contact Aerex today for your Chicago Area Pest Control needs.

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