Bolster-Up Your Outdoor Space Before Mosquito Season

Summer Pest ControlGetting ready for the summer season should involve more than equipping your outdoor space with proper furniture and barbecue equipment. If you really want to enjoy the warmest time of year, you should also make sure you’re not overwhelmed by mosquitos. These pests are known for their resilience, which is why you should take the matter seriously. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to make the mosquito season a lot more enjoyable for yourself!

1. Try to remove any standing water. Mosquitos are drawn by water, which is why they can usually be found in close proximity to lakes, ponds, and puddles. It’s not just that they like the humidity; it also allows them to reproduce. If your outdoor space has any standing water, chances are these pests are going to come visit you a lot. Since you don’t want that to happen, start preparing by inspecting the area and removing potential mosquito baits. These include not only puddles but containers filled with water as well.

2. Trim the foliage. Apart from the fact that they thrive in humid areas, mosquitos also prefer spaces that aren’t completely open. They’ll be looking for hiding spots throughout your backyard, which is why you should start looking at that shrubbery as a potential threat. In order to avoid the pests gathering in and around your foliage, you don’t need to remove it completely. Instead, reduce the chances of having unwanted visitors by trimming the bushes and trees around your house. You’ll definitely see the difference.

3. Install a fan on your patio. Mosquitos are tiny creatures, and as such are very easy to disturb by air currents. Just think about it – you won’t notice them trying to get to you on windy days. This is something you can use to your advantage. Instead of spending a lot of money on sprays and other types of repellents, consider installing a regular fan somewhere on your patio.

4. Invest in mosquito repellent lighting. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, consider opting for mosquito repellent lighting. You’ve probably tried at least a couple of different methods for dealing with these pests, and the truth is not all of them are as efficient as you’d want them to be. But just like with every other thing, there are exceptions to the rule. These lamps are at the same time highly efficient and relatively cheap. In addition, you can find them in various shapes and sizes.

5. Surround the space with a mosquito net. If all else fails, consider blocking the pests using nets specially made for keeping mosquitos out. They have holes that are just big enough to let the air in and just small enough to prevent the insects from entering. You can put them wherever you want, which means you can have your outdoor furniture completely protected from mosquitos during the entire season.

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