Boxelder Bugs are Making a Comeback

Boxelder Bugs: Those black and orange insects that seem to appear out of nowhere as soon as the temperature begins to drop in the fall. They can also be seen making a comeback as temperatures rise in the spring. While these bugs are completely harmless, the fact that they emerge in large numbers can be quite the nuisance. They can also emit a foul order if crushed, and leave unflattering stains on walls and furniture.

Already Aerex has received countless calls about the invasion of boxelders, as they are being spotted in “herds” on sidewalks, driveways, trees and even inside buildings and homes. While they are essentially harmless to humans, boxelder bugs are considered pests mainly because of their entry into buildings and homes in large numbers – and since last year was a particularly bad year for boxelders, this spring, they are coming out in droves.

The biggest thing Aerex wants to remind customers is that the springtime is when boxelder bugs leave your home. They enter buildings in the fall when temperatures drop seeking warmth and high-moisture areas, and make their exit as temperatures rise. If you see a family of boxelders around your home or office, keep in mind they are more than likely making their exit and not their entrance.

Boxelders can be a huge inconvenience. The best way to manage boxelder bugs is to find ways to prevent their entry. Make sure that all damaged door and window screens are replaced and repair or replace any damaged kitchen, bathroom, soffit and roof vents. Additionally, seal all cracks and crevices and points where utility pipes and wires such as the phone lines, cable TV wires, dryer vents, outdoor faucets, etc. enter the building.

If you think you need professional aid to get rid of boxelder bugs in your home or professional building, contact Aerex! Our technicians will perform a spray on the exterior foundation as well as high onto all walls of the exterior.

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