Boxelder Bugs are Back for Fall

They don’t bite. They don’t sting. They don’t eat your food and they don’t cause property damage. So, what is it about Boxelder Bugs that makes them such a nuisance? Well, their overall presence, mainly. While boxelder bugs don’t cause a threat to humans, large numbers of them inside or around the home is both annoying and invasive.

At this point you’re probably noticing that doors, windows and siding are covered in Boxelder Bugs (or there’s at least more than you’d like). Where are they coming from? Why are they coming out now? Where have they been hiding? During summer, boxelder bugs feed on leaves, flowers and silver maples. During fall, they leave the trees in search for protected places for the winter. They are attracted to warm areas with lots of sun – which is why we see them hanging out on our doors, windows and siding on a warm, fall day.

Speaking of warm fall days… since we’re still enjoying some warmer weather, we don’t need to worry so much about boxelder bugs inside the home – YET. Once the weather starts to cool down boxelder bugs will start searching for a warmer place to live. Boxelders will make their way inside homes and buildings through spaces and cracks as well as through open windows and doors.

Just because these critters aren’t a threat doesn’t mean we want them taking over our homes and offices. The best way to manage a boxelder bug problem is to prevent them from coming inside in the first place.

  • Repair damaged window & door screens.
  • Secure areas where cable wires, phone lines and utility pipes enter the home or building.
  • Install a rubber seal along the bottom of garage doors.
  • Keep windows & doors closed as much as possible.

Not only will these tips keep you boxelder-free, they will also help prevent other pests from becoming your new roommates. If boxelders have already made their way inside, you can physically remove them with a broom or vacuum. Of course, always contact Aerex if you are experiencing a pest problem. Visit our website for more info or check out our Facebook page!

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