Beneficial Garden Insects

Gardens are a buggy place. You really can’t look more than a few inches without coming across a new insect to observe. From beetles, bees, caterpillars, slugs and spiders, gardens attract pests by the dozens. But before you search for an insecticide, take a closer look. There are actually a handful of insects that are saving your garden.

Look for these 3 beneficial garden insects this spring! For the rest… just

Lady Beetles:
Don’t get rid of these! Lady Beetles eat all of the insects a garden despises; aphids, scale insects, thrips, mealybugs, and mites. Even their larvae feed on pests – eliminating even more of your unwanted garden guests. These beetles resemble the tiny version of a colorful alligator. Make sure you can identify them so they are not mistaken for pests.

Praying Mantis:
Praying Mantis are quite intimidating. Their large size and alien-like appearance may have you running for shelter. But don’t hurt these unique insects! A praying manti can handle even the largest garden pests. Their ability to camouflage among the garden plants. They aren’t all good though – while they will capture and feast on unwanted garden pests, they also won’t hesitate to eat a Lady Beetle – a beneficial garden insect.

Minute Pirate Bugs:
You may have never seen one (understandably so – these buggers are tiny!), but Minute Pirate Bugs are sure to exist in your garden. But at 1/16th of an inch long, they sure can gobble up plenty of aphids, mites and thrips that your garden does not want.

Caterpillars, red spider mites, moths and types of larvae can all be a danger to our gardens. Luckily, the insects mentioned above can be true life savers. Look closely at what’s living in your garden. You might be pleasantly surprised! For pest trouble inside the home, contact a professional


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