Bumble Bee Facts!

When it comes to bees, many people don’t know that there are actually several different types. There’s the honey bee, the carpenter bee, and of course, the infamous bumble bee. If you are noticing an increase of bees at your home or office, it’s important to know how to distinguish which type is causing a problem. Luckily, Aerex knows all about flying insects.

Similar in appearance to carpenter bees, bumble bees nest underground in cavities such as mouse burrows. Just like honey bees and carpenter bees, bumble bees are seldom problematic, unless their habitat is directly threatened by humans or pets. This yellow and black striped flying insect can be identified by its familiar buzzing and fuzzy jacket. Growing up to 1 inch in size, colonies contain up to 2,000 bees. While bumble bees are important to the pollination world, they are capable of stinging and can be harmful to humans. If you think bumble bees might be a problem around your home, contact Aerex Pest Control. Our certified technicians provide outstanding pest control services throughout Chicagoland.

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