Buying a Used Car in the Winter? Check for mice first..

deer mouseIf you’ve bought or are planning to buy a used car during the cold winter months, you should be aware of the potential danger of mice infestation. Rodent will gladly work their way to the warmest spot available, which could easily be the engine compartment of your new vehicle. This is especially true in cases of used car purchase when the vehicle in question has been left outdoors for a prolonged period of time. So instead of parking the car and leaving it be, follow these simple tips for mouse inspection and prevent any possible infestation.

  •         Pop the hood.

In some cases, you’ll only need to check under the hood to determine whether the car has been infested with mice. They’ll try to hide from you, but if the problem is a serious one, you might even be able to hear or see them. Although the engine compartment is a spot they prefer over the rest of the car, mostly because it retains some of the heat, it’s not unusual to find them in other places. This is why you should check the vehicle thoroughly before excluding the possibility of an infestation.

  •         Check for signs of bites and excrement.

Even if you can’t hear or see them, mice could still be there, enjoying the shelter provided by your new vehicle. This is why it’s important to check for other signs of infestation as well, especially during winter. The best way to do it would be to thoroughly inspect the engine compartment for any signs of damage. If you see wires and or any piece of insulation that seem like they have been gnawed on or chewed through, you can be almost sure of the presence of mice in your car. Check for excrement on the seats and floor mats as well.

  •         Clear the area of food.

If you want to be on the safe side, it would be best to clear the garage of food. Although they’ll mostly be looking for shelter, you’ll need to make sure you don’t attract mice by keeping anything they might be able to eat close to your car. This includes not only your own food, but the food you buy for your pets as well.

  •         Check the garage for hiding places.

Garages are often the ideal hiding spots for insects and rodents, mostly because they’re not maintained as meticulously as the other parts of homes. In order to prevent mice from entering the premises, you will need to remove or block any potential hiding places. There are substances and solutions that are designed to keep them off, but blocking them with pieces of wire screen or spare materials might do the trick as well.

  •         Block any entrance to the engine compartment.

Your most important task, however, will be to keep the mice away from the engine. This is why you should put some effort into blocking any entrances to the engine compartment. While some use only pieces of wire screen, others combine it with substances that smell bad to rodents.

If you make sure to follow these tips, you’ll be able to determine whether your car has been infested with mice. If you suspect you do have an infestation do not park your car in the garage and ask if the dealer has done a recent inspection.

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