Can your Christmas Tree bring pests inside?

canstockphoto9311127Looking forward to the moment when you’ll finally be installing that gorgeous live Christmas tree in your living room? Before you start making plans for decorating it, you might want to consider the dangers it can pose to your otherwise safe home environment. Since it’s a live tree we’re talking about, there is a possibility it arrives with a host of unwanted pests. While many will stay on the trunk or hide between the needles, some will desert it in search of light or food. Here is a list of some of the most common insects you should be careful about.

  •    Adelgids

Known as the pine bark adelgid, this insect is a tiny creature covered in cotton fibers it itself secretes. Although it usually doesn’t leave the tree, it’s sometimes forced to move to another area, which means you could stumble upon it in other areas of your home. It’s a harmless creature, but it’s one you should be warned about nonetheless.

  • Aphids

Another harmless creature that resides in our Christmas trees, Cinara aphid usually goes unnoticed by the residents of the homes it enters. Since it’s brown to black and has long legs, it’s sometimes mistaken for a smaller spider or even a tick. This is why it’s good to know that insects such as aphids exist.

  • Bark beetles

Bark beetles are insects that create holes in trunks of trees. This is why their presence can be easily discovered by checking the tree for any signs of hole marks or sawdust. Despite this, they don’t pose any kind of threat to the structural parts or the furnishings of your home.

  • Mites

The species of mites that infest Christmas trees are all tiny and light-colored insects, except for one larger bright-red species. Although they feed on the eggs of both other insects and those of their own kind, they mostly remain unnoticed when they enter homes during the holiday season.

  • Praying mantids

The eggs of these insects can usually be found attached to the limbs of Christmas trees during the holiday season. After a while, they begin hatching and start looking for food. If you want to prevent them from entering your home, you will need to cut off any branch that has an egg mass attached to it.

  • Psocids

Although many people know them as ‘barklice,’ these insects have nothing to do with lice. They’re small, soft-bodied and have wings. Although they can feed off a wide range of materials such as pollen, fungus and dead insects, they die almost as soon as they enter a home.

  • Scale insects

Pine needle scale is one of the most common scale insects that arrive with Christmas trees. To the human eye, they appear as nothing more than tiny red specks. They’re not dangerous and it’s easy to shake them off the tree.

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