Controlling Pests on Properties You Manage

Preventative pest control is one of the most important tasks of a property management company, as a pest problem in one location – be it an apartment, hotel, condominium, office space, or any combination thereof – can lead to widespread disease and infestation throughout the property. Once a pest, from bug to mouse, enters a building, there’s nothing to stop them from multiplying, thriving, and taking over room by room. 

Dealing With Pest Complaints in Commercial Stores

In retail, customer satisfaction and loyalty can make or break even the largest chains, having an impact on sales as well as business growth. While there are many reasons why your brand perception might be impacted, one scenario which can have a noticeable negative result is poor pest control resulting in infestation. After all, no customer wants to find flies around the fresh produce, or roaches roaming the aisles. Worse still, in a clothing store for example, no customer wants to find they’ve brought home a product which causes a lice, earwig, or bedbug infestation that they then have to READ MORE »

Handling Pest Complaints From Apartment Tenants

As a landlord, you have many problems to negotiate with your tenants. One of the most common complaints from a tenant is the need for pest control. Bugs and rodents come with their own sets of health and property damage problems, none of which are attractive for anyone in the apartment building. Let’s discuss commercial pest control and how to deal with tenant complaints about bugs and pests. The Complaint:  Listen, Acknowledge, and Act Quickly After a tenant makes a complaint about seeing a bug, rodent, or any pest in their living space, acknowledge their concerns. Maintaining a clean and READ MORE »

Restaurant Pest Prevention

You always hear jokes about bugs in a restaurant, but as a restaurant owner, it’s not funny if it happens to you. In addition to scaring customers off, common pests can create serious issues for your health and safety policies. This can even result in consequences such as failing inspections, losing cleanliness ratings, and more. Do you know how to prevent bugs in your restaurant? Keep reading for a few simple steps that will help you keep your restaurant clean and safe.

How to Keep Pests Out and Tenants In

Everyone wants to own their own home, but no one wants to deal with pests. The problem becomes exponentially worse on rental properties where you cannot directly control the activities of your renters that may make pest control for property managers worse. Below are some ideas on how to handle pest control as a landlord.

Protect Your Warehouse from Pests

One of the favorite places for pests to take up residence is in both storage areas and warehouses. These spaces offer an expansive area with all sorts of convenient crevices in which they can hide and, of course, multiply. Anything from bugs to birds can be extremely disruptive to your operations. It is very important to understand how your storage area or warehouse can become a haven for pests, and how to best tackle this common issue for the sake of your company.

Hotel Pest Complaints

When you manage a hotel, your livelihood depends on maintaining the grounds in a manner that your customers demand. That means keeping the grounds attractive, safe, and free of pests. Much of your business is built on your reputation, so when a customer makes a pest complaint, it is important to be sure it’s handled correctly. Below are some tips on how to make the best of this unfortunate situation.

Office Pest Control Protocols

Pests are always a possibility when you have an enclosed building, especially in a building where workers are present all day, eating meals in break rooms and snacks at desks, possibly leaving tempting crumbs for enterprising bugs or rodents to find. Keeping your office building pest-free is essential to daily operations, not to mention the cleanliness of the building. Read on to learn how to handle a complaint about pests when they find their way inside.

Hotel Room Bed Bug Inspections

Whether you’re headed out for business or pleasure, it’s almost inevitable that you will at some point need to stay in a hotel. When you do, it’s important to check the room for bed bugs, so you can avoid bringing them home with you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how nice the hotel with — hotels in every budget have had issues with these pests, so every traveler should take the proper precautions.

Commercial Pest Control in Restaurants: How to Han ...

Restaurants thrive on their reputation — for good food, good service, and perhaps most importantly, cleanliness. Not much will give a restaurant a bad reputation faster than a sanitation problem, and pests are, as far as the general public is concerned, a big indicator of a problem. Unfortunately, even if you do everything right and follow all sanitation guidelines, there’s no guarantee that a pest will not be able to find their way in occasionally. If a customer happens to see an insect or rodent, how you respond to the complaint may make all the difference in how the incident READ MORE »

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