Flea & Tick Season: What You Need to Know

If you have ever experienced problems with fleas or ticks, then you are well aware of the pain these pests can bring to both you and your pets. While you can’t feel the pain of your furry friend, the fact that these nasty pests are able to bite your pet more than 400 times in one day and lay hundreds of eggs should definitely raise your awareness. If you don’t want your pet or yourself to become a host for these blood-sucking pests, make sure to remember some crucial information to prevent these parasites during this flea and tick season. Flea READ MORE »

4 Reasons Why There's an Ant Infestation In Your K ...

Ant infestations usually happen with clear reasons and the main one is their quest for food. The ants you see on your kitchen floors are known as worker ants, and their work is all about locating good sources of food and bringing food back to the nest. Interior ant infestations present a serious problem, especially when they nest in your kitchen. There is always a justified reason why you are experiencing an ant infestation in your kitchen. Here are a few common reasons along with some tips on how to help get rid of the ants in your kitchen. 1. You’re not READ MORE »

8 Most Common Hiding Places for Spiders

House spiders are common and are never a treat to discover. These pests are extremely skillful at finding the best hiding places in and around your home. To prevent them from entering and creating an infestation, it’s good to do be proactive about spider control. Here are the most common places in and around your home that spiders use as hiding places. 1. Inside your vegetation. Whether inside or outside of your home, spiders are attracted to vegetation, such as bushes, shrubs, and plants. If you have a lot of vegetation in or around your home, there is a good chance READ MORE »

How to Deal with an Ant Problem

Many species of ants are harmless to humans, and are actually beneficial to the environment – killing other pests like bedbugs and fleas. But ants’ strong desire for food can be problematic for businesses and homeowners. As the warmer months continue, fruit and vegetables ripen faster, picnics become more prevalent, and outdoor parties are a weekend luxury: all things that can attract ants – fast. While a pest control professional can very well aid in removing an ant problem from you home or business, the first step is prevention. Ants are tiny, making it very easy for them to enter homes READ MORE »

Waterbugs vs Cockroaches: How to tell the Differen ...

Cockroaches and waterbugs are two entirely different types of insects, but they are often mistaken based on their appearance. The most common species of waterbug is the giant waterbug, also known as toe biter, electric-light bug, or alligator tick.There are two species of cockroaches are often mistaken for waterbugs: the reddish-brown American roach and the shiny black oriental roach. For effective cockroach and waterbug control, there are a few things you need to know. Appearance Most species of waterbugs are relatively large and at least 3.8 cm long, unlike common house cockroaches which are always smaller than waterbugs and about half an READ MORE »

What are Clover Mites?

Clover mites usually appear during the spring and fall, and extreme numbers of these tiny insects can be seen during the late spring as well. Generally, they enter houses close to thick vegetation and can invade houses in very large numbers, so it is important to do a proper preventative clover mite control to keep them from entering. How to Identify a Clover Mite Clover mite adults are tiny, oval shaped arachnids. They are less than a millimeter in diameter, about the size of a poppy seed. They have eight legs, and the pair of legs pointing forward is slightly longer READ MORE »

How to Prevent Ants in the Kitchen

There are over 12,000 species of ants worldwide and only a small handful of them is enough to totally invade your kitchen. Ants found indoors are usually the Argentine ant, the Pharaoh ant, and the Pavement ant, and if you are really unlucky you might have the Carpenter ant, well-known for destroying the wood that holds up your home. Ants can be found in any room in your house, but the kitchen is their favorite habitat. Even if you have never seen an ant around, it is important to keep your kitchen clean at all times to prevent them from READ MORE »

Are Centipedes Poisonous?

Centipedes are flattened arthropods with one pair of legs per body segment. Despite the name, they can have a different number of legs, from 30 to 354. These pests can be found in a variety of environments. It is estimated that there are more than 8,000 species of centipedes worldwide. Usually, they have a drab coloration with shades of brown and red. Some species can be hazardous to humans since they bite. It is not just scary to know that centipedes can be poisonous, they always look frightening due to the dozens of legs moving at the same time. A perfect description of the READ MORE »

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

There is a saying that you are always within three feet of a spider, but you probably won’t discover their webs until you start cleaning your home, since they are good at finding concealed shelter. There are 30,000 spider species throughout the world, and many of them seek shelter inside households. They enter homes through open, poorly screened windows and through gaps around door and window frames. How to Prevent Spiders from Getting in your Home Your goal should be to discourage spiders from entering your home in the first place. Here are some tips on how to do that! READ MORE »

Top 5 Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are small pests that feed by sucking blood from humans or animals. Although they are called bed bugs, your mattress is not the only place they reside – they can live in any place inside your home with cracks and crevices, which is what makes the problem of an infestation even harder to detect. Here are some things you need to know even before checking your home for a bed bug infestation in order to do a proper pest control. Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation 1. Red, itchy bites People often don’t consider bed bugs to be READ MORE »

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