Termite Prevention and Identification Tips

Known as the “silent destroyer” due to their secretive hiding and thriving in homes without signs of immediate damage, termites can prove to be a huge problem in the pest world. That being said, prevention is tough! All homes, regardless of their construction type, can be a feeding ground for a termite infestation. So, how do we identify termites? Termites exist in four different types: Dampwood Termite: Several types of dampwood termites exist in the United States. They are larger than other termites, and they are not limited to one specific area. In fact, dampwood termites are commonly seen throughout READ MORE »

Health Risks of Summer Insects

Now that summer has truly begun, it’s time to review some of the most common summer pests. Mosquitoes, ticks and stinging insects are amongst the top insects of summer, and each pose potential health risks to humans and pets. Read on for more information about summer pest control and pest prevention. Bees, Hornets, Yellowjackets & More Stinging insects like bees, wasps and hornets are a great source of anxiety for humans everywhere. Not only can they cause painful stings, but a large amount of the American population suffer severe allergic reactions from them. Stings and allergies aside, bugs like bumblebees, READ MORE »

What's that Smell? Stink Bugs!

When you hear the words “stink bug,” chances are you hope they stay far, far away from your home. While the truth is that stink bugs are extremely prevalent in and around Chicago, they typically remain outdoors and rarely become a problem indoors. That being said, Aerex Pest Control still wants their customers to be aware of this interesting insect and what to do if they do become present in your work or living space. Identification & Habits: If you’ve ever seen a stink bug, you know they are interesting looking creatures. You also know they are distinctive from other READ MORE »

5 Surprising Facts about Ladybugs

When you opened your drapes this morning you might have been greeted by more than just sunlight. Instead, your screen may have been dotted with tiny, moving red spots. This can only mean one thing: it’s autumn, and ladybug season is back. Properly known as Asian beetles, ladybugs are an undeniable part of fall. Whether they’re the one insect you actually like or you find them just as bothersome as all the rest, ladybugs are a common pest problem in the Midwest. Similar to Boxelder Bugs, ladybugs like to congregate on the sunny sides of buildings and homes – especially READ MORE »

Boxelder Bugs are Back for Fall

They don’t bite. They don’t sting. They don’t eat your food and they don’t cause property damage. So, what is it about Boxelder Bugs that makes them such a nuisance? Well, their overall presence, mainly. While boxelder bugs don’t cause a threat to humans, large numbers of them inside or around the home is both annoying and invasive. At this point you’re probably noticing that doors, windows and siding are covered in Boxelder Bugs (or there’s at least more than you’d like). Where are they coming from? Why are they coming out now? Where have they been hiding? During summer, READ MORE »

Identifying Pests & Rodents in a New Home

House hunting can be stressful enough as it is without the thought of pests. On top of things like  securing financing, getting a home inspection, shopping for new furniture and moving in, you will also need to consider an existing pest problem. Of course, pests are probably the last thing on your mind, but having a pest problem in your new home is also the last thing you need! Aerex Pest Control can’t help you buy a home, but we can help you identify a problem! Whether you’re buying a home or renting an apartment or condo, here are 10 READ MORE »

Stinging Insects are at Their Peak

As I was driving through my neighborhood last week, a young man mowing his lawn caught my eye. He was dressed in long black pants, a long sleeve button down shirt and a baseball cap. I looked at my car’s thermometer. It was nearly 90 degrees. Wow. I thought to myself. He must be sweating bullets! Who would be wearing that outfit in this heat?! Then I thought there has got to be a logical explanation for his attire. As a Chicago pest control specialist, the answer was clear. While my first thought was that he was protecting his skin READ MORE »

5 Questions & Answers About Insect Stings

Aerex Pest Control gets hundreds of calls regarding stinging insects like bees and wasps every year. With these calls, pest inspections and treatments comes many questions from our customers. Don’t let stinging insects ruin your summer. Learn how to identify these buggers and protect yourself from their stings. Please take note: While Aerex Pest Control is devoted to helping customers stay educated on the topic of stinging insects, we cannot, do not and will not treat honey bees!  1. Why do bees die after stinging? The only type of bee that dies after stinging is a honey bee. When a READ MORE »

Enjoy Pest Free Summer Barbecues!

Nothing says summer like a backyard BBQ. So when you’re manning the grill, you want to make sure pests aren’t getting in the way of your culinary creations – particularly flies. The last thing you want is a swarm of flies landing on your food! To help reduce flies around your deck, patio or grill: Keep all plates, utensils and food covered until it’s ready to be used. Keep grill lids closed and open only to check the food. Remove all sources of standing water around your home (bird baths, kiddie pools, etc). Don’t overwater your yard. Too much precipitation READ MORE »

Aerex Pest Control's Top 10 Pests

The most prominent pests have a lot to do with geographic location. Chicagoland is home to a large group of pests, including rodents, insects and anachrids. While most of these pests are harmless (for the most part) they can do a number on our homes, gardens and peace of mind! Aerex has put together an infographic of our Top 10 Pests that we feel all of our customers should be aware of. And remember, contact Aerex for professional pest control services in Chicago! Enjoy! Download Aerex’s Top 10 Pests

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