BUG Inspired Recipes

Ok, we’re going to be honest. Cooking isn’t our speciality at Aerex; it’s providing the best pest control services in Chicago. But when we saw some of these recipes, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with our community. After all, bugs are our thing. We don’t normally associate insects with food – unless they’re taking over a picnic, of course! But you would be surprised at the number of “bug inspired” foods. Aerex Pest Control, a leader in Chicago Pest Control Services, took to Pinterest to find some creepy crawly (but delicious!) eats. Dirt Cups Ah, the infamous dirt READ MORE »

Winter Pests

There’s no doubt summer is the prime season for pests. Insects are abundant, and flies and mosquitos buzz freely in your home through open doors and windows. Rodents, including rats and mice, roam around lawns, streets and fields. In turn, Aerex Pest Control receives hundreds – thousands – of calls between May and September. Although we see the majority of pest problems during summer, pests aren’t completely inactive in winter. In fact, the chill, cold and snow actually make pests even more likely to seek the warmth and shelter of homes and offices. So which pests should we be aware READ MORE »

Watch Out for Boxelder Bugs this Fall

Calls for boxelder bugs clog the phone lines at Aerex Pest Control every year. Being a pest that is known for making its presence known as summer transitions to fall, now is the perfect time to reeducate our customers on their habits and prevention. As August comes to an end and the fall months roll in, keep on the lookout for boxelder bugs in and around your home or office! The first thing to remember about boxelder bugs is that they are not harmful to humans. Unlike other pests such as spiders, ants and bees/wasps, boxelder bugs do not bite READ MORE »

Bees, Wasps and More

As summer approaches, there is one thing we can all look forward to: the presence of bees and wasps. Ok, maybe not look forward to, but at least they are a positive symbol of warm weather, right? As with any pest, the first step to removing the problem is identifying the pest. With an assortment of bees and wasps that all look similar, it’s not easy to distinguish one from the other. For that reason, Aerex has compiled a roundup of bees and wasps with characteristics of each. Honeybee: Honeybees are about a half inch long, hairy and honey brown. READ MORE »

April Showers Brings May...Wasps?

Wasps! Scary, right? The buzzing, the stingers, and not to mention the giant nests! With recent temperatures in the 70s and 80s around Chicago, Aerex has been busy answering countless phone calls (over 600 in one day!) about these unsettling creatures. As a premier pest control company throughout Chicagoland, Aerex wants to remind everyone how to identify a wasp problem before it gets out of control. So, the best way to identify a wasp problem around your home or business is by their nests. They resemble an upside down umbrella, and can grow quite large late in the season. When READ MORE »

Pest Control and Property Management

Landlords and property managers have a lot at stake when it comes to keeping their properties free of pests and rodents. After all, consumers depend on property management firms to provide a pest-free environment. It’s imperative that they take the proper precautions to keep pests M.I.A. For example, if one apartment, hotel room, villa, condo etc has a pest invasion, it’s likely that the problem will surface in other living quarters as well. Tenants and customers should always report a pest problem of any type to property management immediately, to protect themselves and the safety of their neighbors. Commercial properties READ MORE »

The Fruit Fly

Have you ever found your kitchen festering with fruit flies that seemed to appear out of nowhere? Contrary to the popular belief, this is not a matter of spontaneous generation. Fruit flies can quickly multiply in number, and be hard to get rid of once they’re around. So, where did these fruit flies come from? Fruit flies are designed to find fermenting fruit. They can detect the smell of ripe fruits and vegetables from a good distance away, despite their tiny size. Beware of bowls of fruit or exposed vegetables in your kitchen, as there are probably a few fruit READ MORE »

All About Blow Flies

Think you might have blow flies taking over your home? If the flies in your home are a shiny green, blue, bronze or black – you just might. These shiny, metallic colored flies are often confused with the common house fly and appear suddenly in large numbers. They can be found congregating around doors and windows, producing an intense buzzing sound. If you are having a problem with Blow Flies around your home, there are some simple and obvious causes. Blow Flies, also known as Bottle Flies, choose to lay their eggs in decomposing matter, such as garbage, animal feces, READ MORE »

Pests in the Food Processing World

If there is one place pests are always unwanted, it’s where food is being prepared. If you work within the food processing industry or are familiar with its standards and regulations, you know that the production and packaging of food is a highly competitive industry. Not only does it demand a high caliber of quality and hygiene standards, but in this environment, even minor pest activity is completely and 100% unacceptable. Moreover, food and beverage managers have a lot on the line when they consider pest control. With that said, what better way to make sure pests are out of READ MORE »

Carpenter Bees

From carpenter bees, bumblebees and honeybees, these flying insects are one of the most feared winged creatures out there. In particular, carpenter bees can do a number on your residential property. While they are generally harmless to humans, carpenter bees but can be a real nuisance when they are found in and around your home, especially when it comes to structural wood elements. With over 500 species, carpenter bees get their name from the fact that nearly all species built their nests in burrows of dead wood, bamboo or timbers. Ranging from 3/4 to 1 inch in length, carpenter bees READ MORE »

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