Dos & Don'ts for Summer Pest Control

Summer means fun in the sun, splashing around in the pool, and backyard barbecues. Summer also invites a whole lot of pests in your yard as well as inside your home. The only way to practice effective summer pest control is to learn about the types of pests that trouble you and the different options that are available to control specific pests. Summer Pest Control Dos Sometimes pest infestations are simply a stroke of a bad luck, but you can avoid most annoying pests with by practicing proactive pest control. Start utilizing these methods of a summer pest control as early as you READ MORE »

Tips for Outdoor Pest Control

The weather is finally inviting and people are spending more time outdoors in their yards. The warm weather always brings certain species of pests that hide and breed in your lawns and backyards. Not only do can these pests be bothersome while you’re spending time outside, they can also easily spread from your yard into your house. Because of this reason, regular and proper outdoor pest control is important. Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the most common pests during summer times and by far the most annoying ones. There are some things you can do before and during your summertime barbecue to keep your READ MORE »

7 Best Plants for Pest Control

One easy way of keeping pests at bay is to strategically place insect-repelling plants in your garden or inside your home. Insects tend to avoid these plants because essential oils in them work as natural bug repellent. Here are some plants, herbs, and flowers that might offer you some relief during spring and summer season when common pest species are most active! 1. Basil Basil is a great solution for repelling mosquitoes and flies. You can plant this herb near the doors to your home or in outdoor areas. Pests are annoyed with the very smell of this plant and it is sometimes used in READ MORE »

How to Tell Bed Bug Bites from Mosquito Bites

During the spring and summer, getting a few bug bites is to be expected; however, sometimes it is hard to detect the insect that caused itching and marks on your skin. It is important that you find out which insect might have bitten you as soon as possible so you can visit a doctor, if necessary, or call a pest control professional to handle the insects. Among the most common types, that are easily mistaken, are bed bug bites and mosquito bites. Below we outline the differences between the two. Bed Bugs Bed bugs rely on blood to survive and complete their READ MORE »

Which Pests are Poisonous?

Poisonous pests are found virtually everywhere. If not handled with care, some species can seriously damage a human’s health. Extreme caution is advised when dealing with poisonous pests as serious injuries, or in severe cases, even death could occur from contact with them. The removal of dangerous pests is not a job for just anyone, since it requires skill and training to do it properly. You should always call a professional to deal with poisonous pests. Fleas If you are a pet owner, it is likely you have encountered fleas one time or another. These little animals spread fast and can easily READ MORE »

Spring Pest Control: What to Watch Out For

Warmer weather and an increase in humidity represent a hospitable environment for numerous pests. The presence of these pests can bring problems into your household, so it is good to know the main characteristics of those pests, as well as the best ways to do a proper spring pest control. Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are well known for their itchy bites. Aside from the fact that they are annoying, they can also carry a variety of parasites and illnesses that affect humans and animals. These small insects survive the cold by overwintering in the egg stage, and in the springtime they hatch and READ MORE »

6 Places Bugs Might Be Hiding in Your Home

Whether they hop, run, crawl, or fly into your home, bugs and insects are eager to settle in if they can find water, food, and shelter. It is important to practice proactive pest control so you can prevent an infestation. Remember that treating a minor infestation is far easier than treating a widespread infestation. One step is knowing the places where bugs like to hide out in your home. Here are some common hiding places that you should continuously monitor for possible infestations. Seams of Beds, Chairs, and Couches These are common places for bed bugs to hide. They spread READ MORE »

Proactive Pest Control: Common Entry Points and Ho ...

It can be very frustrating to continue to find pests inside of your home after repeatedly employing pest control measures. Many people question how these relentless pests are getting inside their home. Pests will exploit any opening they can find to enter the home, whether it be to take shelter from the weather or to feast upon food in the house. The best way to fight pests is by being proactive. Learn where the most vulnerable home entry points are and how you can seal off these spots, closing the gap of vulnerability.  Windows Windows with torn or missing screens are READ MORE »

DIY or Professional Pest Control? When to Call the ...

After spotting an unwanted pest in your home, you may begin debating over whether to tackle the situation yourself or to hire a professional pest control service to handle the situation. In simple cases of very minor pest infestations that do not pose a danger to your family or your home, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. There are several variables to consider when making this choice, including: budget, knowledge, risk assessment, volume of the infestation, and the type of pest you are dealing with. Consider Your Budget If you have a minor pest problem, your first READ MORE »

3 Most Harmful Pests For Children

There are over 900,000 different insects in the world, and they make up 80% of all the world’s species. Some of them live in your household and they may expose your children to harmful diseases. As a parent, knowing which pests are dangerous can help you choose the most effective strategy to minimize your family’s exposure to those pests who live in your home or garden. Pest control helps you with a regulation and management of the species which can be dangerous for your children’s health, so here is a list of the most harmful pests that may be living READ MORE »

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